Pull Out Spice Rack Organizer for Cabinet – Heavy Duty Slide Out Double Rack 6 -3/8"W x10-3/8"D x 8-7/8 H For Upper Kitche...

Pull Out Spice Rack Organizer for Cabinet – Heavy Duty Slide Out Double Rack 6 -3/8"W x10-3/8"D x 8-7/8 H For Upper Kitche...

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Another review indicated that this was 1/4" narrower inside than the stated width of 4 3/8", but I measured my spice jars which came in just under 4" side-by-side and thought, oh, no problem.

Except, it's not 1/4" narrower, it's a full 3/4" narrower than the specified width, measuring only 3 5/8", and most of my spice jars will not fit side-by-side.

I'm extremely disappointed, since otherwise this seems sturdy, attractive, and perfect for where I needed it.

A couple of other notes: It was supposed to come with two plastic shelf liners and only had one. I contacted the manufacturer (Richard's Homewares) who proceeded to tell me that they don't make this product. I sent them pictures of the instructions that have their company name and phone number on it, and their response was "I believe this is called an undercabinet organizer, will take a look to see what we have for parts." and then I never heard back. So if this works for you but is missing any parts, you'll just need to exchange it with Amazon because you won't get help from the manufacturer and the distributor isn't going to have parts to send.

We have a small narrow cabinet next to our stove that is perfect for out many spices. We were having a difficult time finding spice storage system that was 1) small enough to fit into the cabinet, 2) had good storage capacity, 3) was sturdy and 4) was a good value.
This system checked all the boxes! We were able to fit two of these racks side by side. Each one holds about 20 bottles which is great and seeing the spice needed is super easy. It's made with quality and sturdy materials and it was VERY easy to install.
Highly recommended!
It seemed like this product would help me make use of a small cabinet near my sink and organize my spices but it requires drilling into the cabinet shelf with a drill and I can't fit a drill in this space with a shelf in the way...impossible! I am hoping I can find another way to install it but even then, when I set it in the cabinet and tried to pull it out, the glides hit the trim piece at the front of the cabinet...will not slide out. Will have to figure out some kind of bracket if I hope to use this item, but I might just return it to Amazon? In addition, the product had two wires dented during shipment...and it came in an overpack Amazon box too...still dented. When I put spices in it to see how they would fit it turns out that the vertical wires on the side prevented me from selecting the front or back bottles, not ideal at all. Overall, it will not fit in the kitchen cabinet, blocks spices from being selected, and was dented. Very disappointed and will not use this brand again. There is a better quality unit on Amazon too, I plan to check it out and purchase it.
Very well built and sturdy, and has capacity for about 30 of assorted sized spice containers. However, as soon as I looked at it I questioned its ease of use, so filled it and left it on the counter without screwing into the cabinet shelf first. The problem was accessing items in the middle of the bottom shelf. I ended up taking everything out to go to them. If the top and bottom shelves pulled out separately, it would have been great. This defeated the purpose of organizing for ease of use. Returned item.
I’m bummed! I got these to hold my Penzey’s spices, and they’re not big enough to fit nicely on the racks. This is the 4 inch size, and 2 Penzey’s bottles won’t fit next to each other.

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