Grand patio 5 PCS Outdoor Furniture Conversation Fire Table Set, Grey Cushions Rocking Chairs with 32 Inch Propane Gas Fir...

Grand patio 5 PCS Outdoor Furniture Conversation Fire Table Set, Grey Cushions Rocking Chairs with 32 Inch Propane Gas Fir...

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 This set is equipped with a huge fire table, and 4 nicely oversized plush rocking patio chairs. The set is completely powder coated and the fire pit comes with beautiful grey patterned tiles. The set is gorgeous once assembled. The set comes in three gigantic reinforced cardboard boxes. The items inside are bubble wrapped and styrofoam wrapped and pieces are separated by cardboard. Everything is well packed. This set will take a long time to assemble. It took me the better part of a day and a half to get everything assembled. You need a 1/2 in torque wrench and a torque hex driver and a boat load of patience. Do not try to assemble while tired or hungry. You will make mistakes and end up having to undo your work.

The first two chairs I assembled inside on the carpet and my back was killing me after I was done. On the second set of chairs, I used the box the chairs came in as a workbench on the second set of chairs and this saved my back.

The instructions for the chairs are pretty straightforward, but after I assembled and sat in the chairs, I realized that I'd put the base on backwards for the first two chairs I assembled. It was less fun correcting my mistake than it sounds. The furniture is quite well made and very stable. This is definitely a very high end set. All the exposed screws have plastic screw caps that snap on securely. The cushions are very padded and comfortable. The cushions have velcro ties to keep them attached to the chair and prevent slipping.

Halfway through the assembly of the fire pit, my kid came and sat down on one of the chairs and exclaimed it to be the most comfortable chair yet. Even our dog loves it.

I’m pleasantly surprised with this patio set. The chairs are attractive and VERY comfortable. They are very sturdy and seem like they will last a long time. The table is nice looking and looks great on our patio. The chairs were a bit tricky to put together, but two old people had no trouble getting it done. The table was a little more difficult. It seemed like the screw holes weren’t lining up. So we stepped back and realized we had the wrong piece and swapped it out. From there on it went together easily. It does take two people to get it all together. Sadly, by the time we were finished I was hating that little hex wrench. We haven’t tried the fire pit yet as we’re having trouble finding propane. A note about support from company. Two of the chairs arrived missing parts. Grand Patio quickly shipped us replacement chairs. We got them in just 3 days.
Very nice set! Easy to assemble and great addition to the garage/ patio. Love the look and warmth of this fire and chairs. Great place to hang n drink a cold one.
Ordered this set for my wives birthday. The chairs arrived without the fire pit, and we had to contact the seller and wait several days to receive the fire pit. Thankfully it arrived before her birthday party, so we enjoyed it in the back yard.

Assembly is easy, but the diagrams are not as intuitive as some I’ve seen - I’ve assembled a house full of Ideas IKEA furniture the last few months, and their assembly diagrams are as good as it gets.

Bottom line, this set looks great, works great, and feels great. The shipping snafu aside, no regrets on the purchase.
The directions for assembly were east to follow and not too difficult. It is a very sturdy set and very comfortable. Be aware that it does not come with fire glass or lava rock or a propane tank which must be purchased separately. Even with that fact it is a very good value.
We love the way this looks on our deck. Can't wait for cooler weather! It's been great to play cards on during cooler evenings!
I was pleasantly surprised that the cushions we nice and thick. It makes sitting there very comfortable. The fire is also nice to look at and I am thrilled that it has a sturdy (thick slate-like tile) place to put snacks and glasses.
 Great delivery, pretty easy to assemble, just time consuming. Very sturdy and comfortable to use!

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