KidKraft Ultimate Corner Wooden Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds, Play Phone and Curtains,Gift for ages 3+, Espresso

KidKraft Ultimate Corner Wooden Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds, Play Phone and Curtains,Gift for ages 3+, Espresso

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This is an amazing play kitchen.

On ordering; swift delivery, I bought on prime day for about $80(great price).

On building; if you are like me you order it months before Christmas and plan On not putting it together until Christmas Eve make sure you go through it and count the pieces at the very least to decrease chance of broken or missing parts and if you do have some you can get a replacement part or kitchen before it’s too late. I had no issues with my set.

IMPORTANT TIPS; Listen to the tips on these reviews, they all hold true. Plan on spending an extra hour or two putting together ( my husband took extra long because he did not listen to all the tips I listed below), pay attention to white head screws being on the outside, keep screws a little loose and then tighten everything one all put together, do NOT use a drill ( to decrease likelihood of striped holes or broken plastic peices), leave the knobs on faucet loose so they are turnable for your kids and won’t break off.

The perks of this kitchen: the ice cube maker makes sounds and lights up, the knobs are all turnable on the oven and click, the knobs on the faucet turn, the burners light up and make noise.

What my kid thinks; SHE LOVES IT! She was saying “ahhh, ohh, yay” for hours on Christmas. She loves the phone also.

Fun side ideas; I did some custom finishes on mine which helped to personalize it and make it look cute in our living room instead of a big toy isoar. I sanded, primed and spray painted all the handles, knobs and faucets gold. I bought touch lights on amazon (they have dimmers and timers on them with the help of a remote). I bought car headlight tape and taped over two so the oven has a red glow to it. I replaced the cheveron curtain with a fun Nate Burkus Fabric curtain and made a matching dish towel. I added 2 shelves ( pencil/utinsil) holders from the dollar store to the door for added storage. I added a command hook by the phone to hang her apron and chef’s hat. I bought on amazon the peel and stick subway tile to the back splash, and covered the counters with peel and stick marble contact paper to give it a little lore refined look. Buy storage containers for the cabinets. It makes parent lives soo much easier . I bought a 3 tier Mikasa basket off amazon also. I bought little gold baskets and a pencil cup for additional stylish storage ( also bought on amazon). Remember when buying containers for inside cabinets it’s very shallow so don’t get storage baskets too deep.

Ending note; Take a look at my pictures to see what I did to customize. This is your chance creative parents to make your dream kitchen without breaking the bank. I’m jealous of my kid ha ha. Amazon did not disappoint with customer service and price and kidkraft delivered on quality given the price.

Amazing! I'm one of those moms who researches a big toy for months before I purchase. I became that way after I bought a few toys and after I received I wasn't happy.

Needless to say I tried several kitchens before and this by FAR is the best! The sounds from the burners and ice maker are very realist and the extra counter space and washing machine just put this over the top. It's the tallest kitchen I could find and enough space for a few kids to play with at the same time.

I posted pictures of my little girl playing with it! I'm also posting videos on YouTube. She loves that it actually has room to fit her cookies and cakes into the oven and microwave. The Melissa and Doug Disney cookies fit in the oven perfectly! (The bigger cookie sheet if their Christmas and regular cookies does not fit). Her previous kitchens microwaves and oven could hold a plate much less and cookie sheet.

My only disappointment is not enough shelves in fridge and bottom cabinet.

Still the best out there and the quality is over the top! It's heavy and not going to fall over on your one year old like my previous step 2 kitchen did. I put this together myself super easy just a little time consuming.

If this was helpful please give it a thumbs up!
My 2 year old loves it! I wish the microwave and dishwasher had lights and sound as well... The set comes with many pieces and will take 2-3 hours to assemble. I highly recommend purchasing the stacked washer and dryer. The two sets compliment each other very well.

Update 1 year later: Still love this kitchen! Gave it a posh upgrade by adding a peel and stick tile backsplash from Lowes, under cabinet puck lights, and Christmas ornament chandeliers.
I purchased this kitchen from another website for a lower price but first saw it on Amazon. My husband just put it together yesterday, so I can't provide an opinion on how it will hold up, but so far I'm very happy with my choice. I got this kitchen for my 16 month old daughter after comparing lots and lots of other play kitchens. Seriously, I probably looked at every wood play kitchen on the market. A bit obsessive, I know, but it's a big purchase and a toy I hope to be enjoyed for many years, so I wanted to pick the one that was just right for us. I'm really glad I took my time because I eventually discovered this kitchen, which came out quite recently I believe (I don't even see it on kidkraft's website), and it meets all the criteria I was looking for in a kitchen.

Things I wanted in a play kitchen that this kitchen has:
- made out of wood, not plastic
- has a refrigerator with 2 doors instead of just 1 (seems more realistic to me)
- has counter space for play prepping food/so it doesn't feel so squished
- has a washing machine (I know reviews about other kitchens sometimes think it's weird to have a washer in the kitchen, but I like that it's adds variety and I don't have to buy a separate washer machine play set)
- neutral color scheme

- My daughter still gets a kick out of peekaboo, so the two "windows" are a pretty nice addition.
- Although this is a lights and sound kitchen, I didn't buy it particularly for those features. The ice machine's screen lights up and makes sound like, well, an ice machine, which my daughter likes. The lights on the burner are also cute, but it also kind of sounds like an ice machine, which I think is a little weird.
- I like that the fridge (top door) has a shelf inside and the oven has a "rack"/shelf because it seems more realistic and provides more storage options.
- Also, in general this kitchen, this kitchen has a good amount of storage space, with 2 additional compartments under the sink.
- I was worried that the kitchen would take up a lot of space, but was pleasantly surprised at how compact it is. It's kind of an L-shape, but rather than two sides meeting at a point, there are 3 sides, and the area behind the faucet can be flush to the wall. This has been great because we didn't plan to put it in a corner anyway, and we can either put one side against the wall or have the center piece where the faucet is against the wall and still access both windows (because, well, see peekaboo comment above).
- I'm also really happy about the height because my petite daughter (about 30" tall) can reach just about everything, although she has to stand on tiptoes to put things in the microwave.

- I really only have 1 right now about the design, and that's that I wish the washer had an actual dial instead of just one painted on.
- I'm not sure why, but one burner and the ice machine didn't work right out of the box. After continually pressing the buttons though, my daughter managed to bring them to life.

In all fairness, I didn't lift one finger to help assemble this kitchen (someone had to keep my daughter out of the box!). But I think I can accurately say that assembly was pretty easy. Time consuming, yes, there were 90+ steps, but it was probably easier than assembling an ikea bookshelf (sometimes it's really hard to get the doors right on those things!). I think it took my husband about 3 solid hours to put it together, but it seemed pretty straightforward and I didn't hear any complaining from him (I heard a lot of complaining with the aforementioned ikea bookshelves).

So overall, I can honestly say I'm really happy with this kitchen, and I can already tell it will provide a lot of entertainment for my daughter.
This kitchen is really lovely. Have to add my granddaughter loves it and plays with it all the time she is 2 yrs old. It is well made and very sturdy you will not be disappointed with this kitchen
Brilliant brilliant product.
Brought it for my 2year old twins birthday.
Lots for them to do and the space to share playing. They both love it and have had hour and hours of fun with it.

It’s straight forward with good instructions but it took us a couple of hours to do it, so wouldn’t recommend doing it in a hurry, give yourselves plenty of time.

As other reviews have send, I wish the washing machine and microwave had interactive buttons, it would definitely add to the fun.

The tap has already come lose and now wobbles around (as warned by other reviews) and because the screws are underneath and hidden it’s not easy to fix if at all possible, but then I haven’t tried)!

Overall really happy!! The girls love it so that’s the best review ever.
It can be pretty difficult to assemble but once it is the product is amazing! I was looking for a more realistic kitchen for my son to play with and this definitely hit that mark! I added in some puck lights that I also got off amazon to give it even more of the look/feel I was going for, they can be turned off manually or with the remote so they were a really simple way to add a little extra to his new kitchen!!
Lovely product that my daughters had hours of fun with. Although my child is 8 she doesn’t find it too childish. We’ve had to make it higher for her height as it’s quiet small. She especially like the microwave and cooker.

My husband did find it extremely difficult to put together and ended up having to pay a handy man to put it together for us so if your not too good at DIY then bear this in mind!
Such a beautiful kitchen. Lovely size. We get so many compliments from other parents on how much they love it!

Perhaps a little pricey given other wooden kitchens, but when it turns out as good as it has then I guess it was worth it!

We have lost a peg above the oven which fell out very quickly, which is a little annoying but that is the only negative thing about it!

Took me and my husband 2.5/3hours to put it together without any struggle, just time consuming as there are a lot of bits.

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