VASAGLE ALINRU Kitchen Island with 3 Shelves, Kitchen Shelf with Large Worktop, Stable Steel Structure, 47.2 x 23.6 x 35.4...

VASAGLE ALINRU Kitchen Island with 3 Shelves, Kitchen Shelf with Large Worktop, Stable Steel Structure, 47.2 x 23.6 x 35.4...

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First, I gotta say that I looked everywhere for this kitchen island. Found this model on Wayfair and came here as I like Amazon’s service and delivery. It came way faster than expected, which is great! Was set up in half an hour; very easy to assemble and very little pieces. It was sturdy and beautiful. A bit higher than the counters. Its massive yet doesnt take that much space. Its wide enough to prep food on, you can put a cutting board and multiple plates. Love this.
We bought wine glass holders and screwed them under the table top so that we could hold all our wine glasses : it looks marvelous!
The shelves are also high enough to fit wine or tall alcohol bottles, which is great! They seem to always be too low. I put heavy pots at the bottom, which makes the island even more sturdy.
It changed the whole way we interact in the kitchen. Friends gather around the island for snacks and drinks as we cook. It gave us so much more cupboards space and its now used every day, at every meal. So convivial!
Overall really happy with my purchase, Im glad I did my homework and found this one. The price is also so good for the quality, one of the cheapest and cutest, most practical buy ever! Highly recommend.

Much higher quality than I expected for the price. The metal sides are very strong. The rails along the long sides screw into good threaded inserts in the wood, so there will be no issues with disassembly and reassembly down the line like you'd have screwing straight into the wood. One rail did feel slightly imperfectly centered relative to its screw holes, but it was only off by maybe 2mm. Flipping it around fixed the problem easily (I could only tell because this was on the center shelf, where the steel bars are flush with the ends of the board).

Everything screws together tightly. I did use medium strength threadlocker to try to keep it from shaking loose too soon, but even without it the whole structure is very tightly held together. Even in the weakest direction, there is very little motion.

The top is reasonably smooth (it seems to have indented marks in the varnish layer to try to make it feel more like wood, which I don't think is real since they don't seem to follow the actual wood grain in the top) and looks very nice.

When screwing it together there were a few moments where I heard a metallic snapping sound and I worried I overtorqued the screws enough to strip the threads, but nothing seems loose so I'm not really sure what I did.

Closest thing I have to a complaint is that it is a very heavy box, but that becomes a good thing once you're using it as a work surface.
Delivered faster than expected and was impressed with packaging and instructions. Assembled a lot of furniture this week and some leave you having to guess at missing instructions but this was very well thought out. Should have looked at the details better with type of wood but loved the look and price and got trigger happy. But not disappointed. Looks great and the price was right.
Perfect! The package did not come with instructions, but it was easy to figure out. I managed to assemble it together by myself, with no help from friends and without instructions.

Table is sturdy. Great color. Great quality. Great value for money.

I was a little nervous when I read other reviews mentioning broken or missing parts. Mine came in perfect condition, and even had extra parts. Overall very satisfied.
This was such a great buy! I needed something to fill in the dead space that has been bothering me for a while. I didn’t want anything too expensive since we plan on remodeling the kitchen in the near future. The price was perfect, easy to put together, and it’s very sturdy. I don’t know why I hesitated for so long. It fits perfect and looks perfect. It’s exactly what I needed.
Putting it together was easy and the directions are easy to follow. Extra screws were included and no other tools are needed as the wrench you need to put it together is provided.

After putting it together I noticed that it has a slight wobble.

The contents of the box are poorly packed and it arrived damaged. The styrofoam packing isn't strong enough to withstand shipping and was broken up and pulverized inside the box. These tiny styrofoam pieces caused a mess and were everywhere and stuck to all the assembly pieces by static electricity.

There is a dent in one of the crossbars of the bottom metal shelf. The wood surfaces were covered in sand or dirt. Maybe look elsewhere if you are considering paying this much money and don't want to gamble with it arriving damaged.
Game changer! I was able to assemble it alone with no help. It comes with a tool but I opted to use an attachment on my power drill to save time and arm energy. Assemble tool about 20 minutes after I finished unpacking it and reading the instructions. Super straightforward. I initially had some Sticker shock about the price but once I priced out what it would cost for me to DIY an island of this size, it was a no-brainer to get the one from Amazon. Shipping took about a week and the box is fairly heavy so you may need help getting it into your home if you live in an apartment building like I do. Otherwise this is one of the best things I have purchased from my home in the last several months. I’m looking forward to being able to entertain in my space once it becomes more safe to do so because this Island is going to make it easier to prep and put out food.
Very pleased with this purchase! Seems very well made and was simply and elegantly designed making assembly incredibly easy. Also, it really does look great. I didn't have the highest hopes given its very reasonable price but was very pleasantly surprised at how high quality it is! Vasagle has made a fan out of me!
I was totally in love with how this product turned out, till this happened. Truly disappointing, it hasn't been 2-3 months since I got it. Both top and bottom wood panels have swollen, now I don't know what could the cause be, but it's a shame. I love in the basement and I suspect either Humidity or Water could've caused this, I hope they can send replacement wood tops.

The lower rack bars appear to have very weak welds as our unit arrived new with one of the bars flopping down. This would not be any good for storage. Wrote to the seller to request a replacement part. Overall, the rest of the unit seems OK. I can see why others like it based on the size and layout, seems very functional. Hopefully the defective part can be resolved and we can start enjoying ours.
The bags containing the screws were marked incorrectly so we had to take them out and reassemble. The screws provided were too long so now there are holes on all 4 corners of both shelves, causing the particle board to flake off. The legs are not square, they lean inwards. At this point were going to dismantle the table, keep the metal legs and build our own table tops. Complete waste of money.
This island was super easy to assemble. It’s exactly as described and also exactly what I wanted. Took maybe 20 minutes to put together. No tools needed as it came with the Allen key. Very pleased!!! Would recommend for sure!

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