ASURION 4 Year Kitchen Protection Plan $500-599.99

ASURION 4 Year Kitchen Protection Plan $500-599.99

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So happy to know that if the expensive espresso maker we bought for our mom breaks this protection plan will cover it. I almost never buy these but I couldn't pass.

When I was deciding whether to buy a $600 kitchen gadget, the 4 year warranty I was offered by Assurion played a huge part in helping me decide to make the purchase.
I bought this protection coverage for a espresso machine. They don't provide evidence that the coverage actually ties to your product, even after I called in to register. They tell you to "rest assured" that you are covered. I would rest assured if you could give me some electronic evidence that the warranty is tied to the product! Maybe someday if I have to make a claim, I'll point to this review. I pray I don't have a claim for my Philips 3200 espresso machine!
These often feel unnecessary and expensive. I've yet to utilize this because the device I bought it for still has it's own warranty to use which is better, but shorter in years.
This is a great deal! Purchased this along with headphones for my elderly mom. Technology is a challenge for her, and this protection warranty removes my urge to nag her about them. Saves my relationship with her, and my wallet!
Very good service! It takes less than a week to get reimbursed.
I always buy the Asurian policy on more expensive items. It's like life insurance for buy it but hope you never need it.
No need and i never buy this brand any more!

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