Casa Andrea Milano llc Modern Large Velvet Fabric Sectional Sofa, L-Shape Couch with Extra Wide Chaise Lounge, Grey

Casa Andrea Milano llc Modern Large Velvet Fabric Sectional Sofa, L-Shape Couch with Extra Wide Chaise Lounge, Grey

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Okay, so I did enough research to feel moderately skeptical while buying this, (and by research I mean, I read through all the 3 star and lower reviews.) BUT then that stimulus check came in with just the right amount for me to purchase this couch, and I took a gamble. Truly, Truly, the best chance I've taken in a while, because MAN, this couch is worth it. There are more than a few reviews that complain about the comfort and it made me nervous. I will say that it is firm in the seat, but the back pillows are so plush. The Chaise section is amazing. I just tend to curl up on it with my pillows and throw blanket, and binge The BACHELOR for hours, and if a friend comes by to check on me, the couch is just long enough that they can socially distance from the other side and still be within the CDC guidelines. The color is a little darker than what I expected, but still a gorgeous blue.

I have two complaints, and they're fairly minimal. The first is about Assemblage. While not a nightmare, it was obnoxious at times, because the holes for the bolts didn't always line up easily. I'm a single woman in a pandemic who isn't ready to ask her Tinder Matches to come assemble furniture IKEA style. For anyone else in my position, just be aware, that if you're the only one in your home, and you're not to at least the third date stage in a new romance, either grab a friend, or be prepared to struggle as you put this one together.

Second complaint, and general PSA, the metal legs to this are beautiful and also super sharp on the outer edges. If you're as clumsy as me, be warned. I stubbed my toe into it night one and only to find, that I had somehow sliced through the skin all down said toe. I went ahead and put clear duct tape around the edges of each leg to provide some buffer to the blade like edge and now I'm just watching my feet any time I'm near it.

Otherwise, Its very beautiful, and cozy and I would recommend it to a friend or perfect stranger.... for sure!

This couch is EVERYTHING. It’s easy to assemble (I did it myself and it took about 80 mins), comfy to sit on, and the emerald green color is stunning.
Great color and easy to put together but ALOT smaller than what I expected. Trying to decide if I should even keep it but it’ll be a hassle to return.

Update: had the couch for a few weeks now the back cushions already look really worn. Even though there is Velcro on the bottom the seat cushions slide which is just annoying. Not too pleased with this couch and it’s too much to send it back.
I hate this couch. I hate it. I want to drag it down to the parking lot of my building and set it on fire. The quality control is absolutely terrible. All but three of the holes on the couch were drilled so they don’t line up. I have been trying for hours to get things lined up and put together and have finally conceded that I’m going to have to buy a drill and make new holes to screw it in because I no longer have the boxes and you can’t return it without the original box. The cushions feel nice and firm, for that I gave it an extra star. I’ve been using one when I lay on the floor and think about what a bad decision buying this couch was.
Edit: after purchasing a drill to make the holes lined up the couch went together like a breeze! It is comfortable, the cushions are surprisingly firm. However, every time I look at it I’m filled with the rage of a wasted Saturday trying to put it together.
LOVE this couch. It took me and another person about 1.5 hours to put together. Stiff at first like the other reviewers said, but it truly broke in after a week or two. I nap on it often.

I’ve also spilled lots on it and it cleans off easy.

My only small complaint is the lack of support on the arms. See photo. They flip off a lot which is a little annoying. But considering most couches that are slightly more upscale and don’t have this issue are more than $2000, this flaw is 100% okay IMO.

Anyone complaining of size didn’t read the measurements. This is as advertised. Buy it.
This couch came much quicker than I expected. Came in 2 separate boxes, unfortunately one of them ripped open getting one of the cushions dirty, but it's not too noticeable. I got the orange, which is little brighter than I was hoping for, but it's still beautiful.
The couch is low to the ground, which I don't have a problem with. It's smaller than your standard sectional, but it's the perfect size for just a few people. Big enough for 2 people to lay and cuddle on comfortably. The seat cushions are pretty solid, which I prefer to too soft.
I don't expect this to be a couch that lasts forever, but it's decent and looks pretty. Great for a small apartment or room where a bunch of people will sit on it constantly.
I was skeptical about ordering this couch because the same item costs $2000 on other websites but I am really really pleased with it. Beautiful color, super soft and very comfortable.
Pleasantly surprised by this couch! Some slight assembly is required to put the legs on the couch and the back of the chaise. The back of the chaise was the only difficult part of this couch to assemble. I was able to bring the boxes into my apartment by myself and assemble it independently as well. It seems to be great quality, it is soft and durable!

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