Rattaner Outdoor PE Wicker Furniture Set 7 Pieces Patio Garden Conversation Cushioned Seat Couch Sofa Chair Set with Turqu...

Rattaner Outdoor PE Wicker Furniture Set 7 Pieces Patio Garden Conversation Cushioned Seat Couch Sofa Chair Set with Turqu...

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This furniture is as many reviewers have stated - very nice and of good value. What I would like to share is the after-the-sale-commitment from the seller. It is indeed rare when a seller steps up when asked and goes the distance with the buyer to wind up with a COMPLETELY SATISFIED customer. Such is the case with us. Buying such furniture sight unseen is a bit of a risk. Beyond the reviews, how will you know it is just right for you? That is where the seller comes into play. Based on my personal experience, I am beyond impressed with this sellers steadfast commitment to their customers complete satisfaction with the product. Buy with confidence knowing the seller is poised to stand behind the product and not just to accept returns, but to possibly work out creative solutions that address any specific issue or deficiency you may personally encounter. I am both impressed and happy to share my experience. Highly recommended!

Since I based this purchase heavily upon reading the reviews and photos of others, I felt it necessary to share my own review so that others can make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase.

Comfort and quality were my biggest issues, as I wanted a quality set, but didn't quite have 3-4K to spend on high end patio furniture. I live in the northeast, so winters are below freezing, and time spent on the patio is limited to less than six months out of the year, therefore I don't need a year round set that can withstand daily abuse. I found this set to be of really good quality, heavier than I expected, and doesn't look or feel cheap at all. I got the full set, with a sofaz, loveseat, two chairs, two ottomans, coffee tables and covers, and I thought the value to be exceptional.

Because most patio sets are consider lounge sets and therefore lower to the ground, I worried about this wet being too low, or too low backed. After putting the wet together I was very happy with how comfortable it was. Not too low to the ground, and enough back to each chair to sit comfortably. Keep in mind that I am 5'4" and my husband isn't much taller at 5'8", so if you are over six feet tall, this wet might be tok low for you depending on how you prefer your seating. I've personally found it to be very comfortable, and everyone that has sat in it also agreed. If you like high backed seating, this is not the set for you. If you like to lounge with feet flat on the ground, then this is perfect. The cushions I found to be of good quality as well. As one reviewer commented, the pillows and pads are not waterproof, so if they get wet, they will be soaked until they dry out. We have our set on a patio with roof so that it won't get wet but definitely something to consider if you plan on keeping your furniture outdoors and exposed to rain. I'm sure that someone could easily spend a few hundred dollars upgrading the pillows and padding to higher quality, but the ones that came with this set will suit just fine until they wear out and need replaced.

Assembly is no joke, and probably the worst portion of this purchase. All of my boxes arrived in one shipment, not in multiple shipments as other reviewers have mentioned. Even though expected arrival was ten days from the time I ordered, it arrived less than six days after I placed the order. The boxes shipped UPS, and they are known for mishandling of large packages. Three of the four boxes I received were ripped open in several places. One arm of a chair had been badly bent, and I considered asking for a new part to be sent out, but my husband bent it back into place and I didn't feel like reporting the damage and waiting possible weeks for replacement. As other users suggested, I did use power tools to assemble this, but found that most of the screws made it difficult to get the tool into position, so most screws needed tightened with the tiny allen wrench that was included. Complete and total pain in the rear, it took me a total of 6/7 hours to get all pieces assembled (with no help). But, as anyone that has purchased furniture that needs assembled knows, you are paying less because the assembly is so difficult. Difficult, but not impossible, and with help I'm sure it can be accomplished much more quickly.

The covers are a nice addition, I plan on using them when I close up the patio for the winter. I do think I'll bring in all the pillows and cushions, and just cover the actual furniture over the winter. Not sure if freezing temps will affect the longevity of this furniture, but I have no garage space to store an entire patio set, so we shall see how it fares covered for the winter.

I hope this review helps anyone that's still debating on this purchase. I had six different furniture sets in my Cert before I finally settled on this one and I'm glad I did! As always, every item will have a few negative reviews, and that's to be expected especially if a shipping error or shipping damage occurs. I am completely satisfied with this purchase, and no I didn't receive it for free for an honest review (I wish I did!! But I paid full price).
Pillows lack fullness very bad, can see all foam casings thru fabric, covers aren't waterproof & extremely thin & blow off cords don't stay tight at all. Seat frame rattan material bows alot when sitting. Rattan is extremity thin & very flexible Ottomans are not storage able as indicated. Ottoman cushions slide very easily nothing to keep them in place. Mildew stains were all over each foam piece. The Rattan material covered holes during building. Had to move material with force in order to screws pieces together. Only 1 cover for both chairs so you have to sit them side by side, 2 covers would have been nicer. Bags for screws & such had no labels had to figure out which part went where. Longest Screws for sofa & loveseat were incorrectly labeled on instruction sheet. Screw placement on instructions should have had zoomed in to see better. All screws were Allen wrench screws which was a pain. Seats are much shorter then other furniture. The color is beautiful though & it did ship fast & much cheaper then other outdoor furniture.
I was a little worried about the color before It came because I thought might be to bright, but it is a beautiful color. It gives a tropical beach feel, which was what I was looking for. The shipment was quicker then what it estimated. The wicker is really nice, light and sturdy. I would highly recommend a ratchet wrench and allen wrench. This will make the process of putting it together much quicker. Once you get going it’s pretty easy to follow the picture direction.
This patio furniture is not as advertised! it is very small, almost better suited for small children, very flimsy, requires allot of difficult assembly, and is overall cheaply constructed and with very cheap materials. The cushions are not fabric more like plastic coverings and the whicker is more like vinyl tape. We received this furniture and un boxed one of the four boxes and assembled one sofa which took about an hour and a half. Once assembled we sat on the furniture and took in an overall assessment of its quality and decided there was no point in opening the other three boxes. the product comes so tightly vacuumed packed that it is impossible to put it back into the original packaging the way it comes. I placed a return claim with Amazon to help me return this for a credit and Amazon agreed to help. After a few weeks went by I called Amazon again and they told me that nothing has even been done on Amazon's end to facilitate a return. They promised me this time they would contact the seller and help with the return process. This has now happened 2 more times with no result. The seller tried to offer a 100.00 dollar discount to keep the products stating they thought that the products were of very good quality. The seller also sent a return form to fill out stating that if the products were in new condition and repackaged the way they were sent to me that they would arrange for shipping to pick them up. Its been over two months now and I still have the products, and no refund. Do yourself a big favor, do not buy this product, or anything from this company!

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