Knife Block Set, 14 Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Wooden Block, Stainless Steel Knife Set, Built-in Knife Sharpener, 6pcs S...

Knife Block Set, 14 Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Wooden Block, Stainless Steel Knife Set, Built-in Knife Sharpener, 6pcs S...

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I knew the listing said to hand wash and expected to do so, but all over the packing and each individual knife it repeatedly reiterates to hand wash and dry immediately without delay. This tells you that if you let it sit in your kitchen sink after cooking, even just briefly, they are guaranteed to rust. I find that a little ridiculous since I've bought knives at the dollar store that can handle the occasional trip through the dishwasher.

I didn't expect them to breath taking at this price, but I did expect a bit better. One of the selling points is the block. The problem is they simply drilled out spaces for the knives without coating them with anything. This is another problem because that means each time you pull a knife out, there will be woodshavings and/or dust come out on the knife. Meaning you must always wash it again before using increasing the chances even more they will rust.

The good things are is that the knives do cut, they look nice in the block, and they are a solid piece meaning food cannot get stuck in the handles which is the reason I settled on this set.

I know they won't last more than a year at most if I hand wash and dry them immediately. I needed some knives quick so I'll just try to take care of them as best as I can, but I wouldn't buy again. I also wouldn't recommend them if you aren't willing to immediately hand wash and dry them after using. If you are someone who likes to leave dishes in the sink for hours or days, these aren't for you even at this price point.

I waited a while to write a review on these, just based on other reviews about rusting. My guess is the people who wrote those reviews, didn’t follow the cleaning instructions. Wash by hand & dry immediately. Seems high maintenance, but you dry clean nice shirts, this is the same idea. These are hands-down the nicest knives I’ve ever owned or used. They’re light weight and wonderfully sharp. They served us amazingly over the Holidays and I received compliments from everyone who used them. I would highly recommend these!

****UPDATE**** Dec 24 2020
These are still the best knives I’ve EVER owned. So much so that I’ve purchased them for my mom and mother in-law.
I was so excited to order this set because of the color. Once I opened my package I went through all the knives and 3 of them are rusted and look like they’ve been used. I am so disappointed and now I have to start my search all over again.
Love my knives but the block sucks! There is a crack up one side and across the top. Upsets me that I now have to purchase a new block for my new knives. Would use my old block that's over 30 years old but I'm gifting it with my old knives to one of my kids, and it also doesn't have slots for the steak knives. This block is very cheaply made and seems to be covered in a wood print paper that has ripped along the crack of the underlying structure.
Tougher than a $2 steak and feels like a a full tang knife.
Blades are sharp as a mf'er...just wash them and dry them immediately or you will hate your life.
I got a bonus pair of smaller shears with my purchase, and they are solid at cutting the plastic rings on a six pack.
Save the ducks, kittens, and other small creatures roaming around the landfill, you cretin.
Love love love! I can't say enough about the craftsmanship and the sharpness of each knife. My husband who is a wonderful chef, loved them as Christmas gift so much that asked me to share the link with his other chef friend. They both love them lol an honestly use them everyday. The shears are sharp, but a bit uncomfortable initially but as you use them you get used to the feeling and it gets better the chef's knife is husband's favorite. He smokes a lot of different meats and he was stunned with the easy handling and clean slice with every cut. Great Buy, will be getting sets for all of the cooks in my life!
I haven't used the knife set yet but I love the color!! That's the only reason i bought it but I know the knives will be great quality
such an upgrade from my last set.
all stainless steel, and theres a knife sharpener included!
don't like that they aren't dishwasher safe.

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