Amazon Brand – Rivet Goodwin Modern Reversible Sectional Sofa Couch, 88.6"W, Charcoal Grey

Amazon Brand – Rivet Goodwin Modern Reversible Sectional Sofa Couch, 88.6"W, Charcoal Grey

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 I love love the modern look and the fabric of this sofa....but for the price I pay I feel like it’s cheap when I sit on it, it would make sounds every time I sit on it and I only weight 125 lbs, even my $300 & $500 sofa in the past don’t make this funny sound...I wonder does they even test out the sofa before selling? Especially for the price we are going to pay for? Been waiting for this sofa and with this disappointment I am still debating if I’m going to deal with the noise or return it.....more on the return side because I’m 90 percent not happy with the noise this sofa make ;(

(Video attach of the noise)

I am utterly shocked this product got such good reviews. The ottoman is so cheaply made, its wobbly and feels like the whole thing is going to fall apart... for over $200?? The loveseat is okay by also WAY over priced. I’m absolutely appalled that these items are priced at what they are, it is a complete rip off and I would recommend people reconsider purchasing these items and look elsewhere. I attempted to return the item and was told I had to repackage it in order to get a refund, who keeps a massive box in their apartment after they get a large delivery? This is apparently the only way to obtain a refund. Absolutely disgusted with this experience and product.
This couch is beautiful, versatile, and comfortable. I was nervous to purchase with so few reviews but it has surpassed my expectations. I love that the chase can be switched to either side. Great couch for the price!
I was initially hesitant to order furniture from an online retailer given I wouldn’t have the luxury of viewing or sitting on the sofa prior to purchase, but after a bit of research on Amazon’s two furniture brands I decided I’d take a leap of faith and I’d give it a try.

I originally had my heart set on the Stone and Beam overstuffed sofa, but happened upon this Rivet piece and couldn’t pass it up at a price point of less than $400. Worst come to worst I can send it back within 30 days for a full refund.

We ordered the sofa on a Friday evening and it was delivered the following Monday at the scheduled time. The delivery service called us 15 minutes prior to arrival, and had us sign for the sofa once they arrived. They carried the sofa up three flights of stairs to my third story flat and dropped the sofa off in my living room. Unboxing and assembling the sofa took around 15 minutes. The legs come zipped in the undercarriage of the sofa. Pull em out and plug em in and you’re good to go.

The sofa is extremely attractive and seems to be reasonably well built. The fabric is soft, but the cushions are a little on the firmer side, though I’m sure they’ll break in with regular use. You’ll definitely need throw pillows for the arms however.

All in all, its an awesome sofa at its price point. You’ll be hard pressed to find better value in a sofa.
These are remarkably well made and the fabric is attractive and seems very tough. I put this in our basement Den but it is nice enough to put in your main living room next to the Eames chair. The cushions are on the firm side, but they are very comfortable.

** update: after several months of having it in our downstairs Den, with kids watching movies on it and napping, and the dog taking advantage of it, the sofa has held up amazingly well. I would not hesitate to get another one. Everyone that sees it loves it.
We purchased two of these sofas on sale. I would say the quality is pretty in line with what we paid $380 each. But I would not pay full price. My toddlers are constantly getting food on them and they clean pretty easy but the texture in the fabric is seems a little delicate when you wipe. We have a few spots where the fabric is fraying or something so I make contact them about the warranty. It pretty comfortable but the seats are firm. When you take the back cushions off it really allows for a deep surface to sleep on but firm.
Quick and easy assembly. It’s a comfortable chair to sit in and my husband likes it as it’s for his office. However, he’s 6’3 and I’m a foot shorter, so I am not able to sit in it for as long as it’s a deep seat. The only difference than the website description is that the material is more like a polyester corduroy with black veining and I thought it would have a flatter, more canvas like texture with a solid denim color based on pictures. Overall, I’m very happy with the purchase and I ended up getting a really good price for it.
Great couch for the value. Very comfortable to sit on, and you can even take a nap on it if you please. My girlfriend sleeps well on it when I kick her out of bed for coughing too much.
love it it is extra big

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