Amazon Brand – Rivet Sloane Mid-Century Modern Sofa Couch, 79.9"W, Shell

Amazon Brand – Rivet Sloane Mid-Century Modern Sofa Couch, 79.9"W, Shell

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i ordered this couch after buying the accent chair with the ottoman - both of those pieces are ridiculously comfortable, the cushions are both plush and firm, so you sort of sink into them but don’t drown in them, if that makes since.

so, loving the mid century modern look of the couch, and assuming that the cushions would have the same feel as the chair & ottoman, i ordered the larger couch, 85 inches i think. now, i do love this couch, it’s beautiful and brings my room together with the other pieces. BUT - the cushions are not as plush as the chair. they are definitely thinner and very firm. not uncomfortable, but not sink into comfortable. i wish they would have made the bottom cushions thicker and more plush like the chair & ottoman as it is advertised as all from the same line. not a bad couch and i really do like it, but it’s not a couch to lie down and fall asleep on. when i want a more cozy experience, i’m lounging in the chair.

the delivery was top notch (i’m in the seattle area), and it was super easy to put together - just screw in the legs and attach the back. i did it by myself while my husband was as work no problem.

First off the delivery guys were amazing..super friendly helpful and very hard workers.

I have a studio apt 525 sq ft all one room. I have shopped extensively and did my research deciding on size width and depth since having a smaller space those are huge factors, then the right design and color. I like mid century modern such as this because it has a less heavy look and offers more style with the tufted cushions.

I had a budget of 500.00 and considered the 250 to 350 sofas and also the sectionals designed for small spaces. Those are nice but I visited a furniture store to see the size in person and small space sofas look like they're for a doll house. If you have an apt 400 sq ft or less and just want something to sit on then yes, but I took the risk and bought a traditional size which in this case was the love seat which is 79in wide. It was 60 over my budget with tax and shipping but well worth it.

I would suggest the beige or orange as they are elegant and orange is cool and mid century also blue would be a third choice.

It's a bit stiff at first but will soften up. The material is durable and it was easy to assemble.

Assembly includes screwing on 5 legs by hand no tools needed nor significant strength to tighten. The back cushion glides onto locking very sturdy brackets again no tools required.

My concern was whether the back cushion is sturdy or would give when leaned on, its super strong.

The two seat cushions remove and can be turned to use both sides.

I'm confused why the identical sofa that is 90 in wide is less expensive than the smaller 79in.

This is a great buy. Btw it comes in one box that's 8 feet tall or wide x 3 feet and weights 100 lbs. If you just push the box on carpet to its destination in your living area one person who's relatively strong can manage it but two is ideal.

I personally dont suggest the set up service unless you have stairs or you're not physically able to maneuver the box and sofa otherwise once set up its light enough to move around the room and adjust by yourself.
While I was disappointed that it didn't arrive when I originally scheduled it online, Amazon was responsive in calling me to set up a time for delivery. The people who delivered the couch brought it upstairs since I have a second floor apartment and put it in the living room. They were very professional.

It's easy to put together but it does take two people to move it around if you don't have it on sliders.

There was no initial odor and all of the parts were in a zipper compartment underneath the couch. I've only had it just over 24 hours but so far I'm very happy with the purchase.
Item was early. Great product, easy assembly. Can't say enough about the excellent delivery system that actually works. Not least as i had just been through one that failed miserably. These people deserve to succeed if they can keep this up..
Love how nice the lines are of this couch. Looks expensive and the fabric is so soft. Super easy to assemble. Couldn’t be happier!
looks great, easy to assemble, modern and sleek BUT the cushions go flat in just a matter of months. For the price, I expect the cushions to last much longer. I'm disappointed
The fabric is great. Length is good for stretching out while watching a movie. Like the modern lines on this couch
One of the reasons I chose this one is that the seats are a bit stiffer, however, they're perfect for my hips and back. The sofa makes my room look much bigger because of the sleek styling. Added a couple of pillows by the arms and they make it even more classy. Needless to say, I'm happy.

The sofa is beautiful and comfortable.
But is it not suitable for long sleep (for example for the whole night).

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