Sponsored Ad - VECELO Full Size Metal Platform Bed Frame with Headboard & Footboard Premium Steel Slat Support,Victorian S...

Sponsored Ad - VECELO Full Size Metal Platform Bed Frame with Headboard & Footboard Premium Steel Slat Support,Victorian S...

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I really liked the way this frame looks and it was super easy to put together.
But... here’s the bad part. It can not withstand harder than average “adult activity”. 9 of the support slats slipped out of the brackets and the mattress fell through the bed on one side. It was like getting it in on the Titanic.
Ordered a new, different frame already.
This frame is probably perfect if you’re celibate.

I purchased this frame and love it. It took me about 20 minutes to put together and I am not the most handy of people. The looks and quality of it are really nice, as you do not even need a bed skirt to cover it up, as you would for some of the inexpensive frames. I have a king size mattress that fit perfectly and does not slide off at all. Another big thing for me is, there is zero noise with this frame. A pet peeve of mine is when you have a frame that makes the screeching noise every time you move or get on and off the bed and this one does not do it. Only thing I noticed is it says it's 14" tall and that is from the top of the frame to the floor. The clearance space is really 12.5" for underneath the bed, if you wanted to put storage bins.
Ok, my dog could put this together if he had thumbs, it's that easy. I am a 50+ years old disabled woman that is not particularly mechanically gifted, and i had no problems. Took less than 30 mins to assemble. Very sturdy, makes absolutely no noise. Perfect and a great price too! I would definitely buy this again and i would definitely recommend to a friend.

UPDATE May 30 2018- Eight months later and still love this - no problems at all.
Great for it's price and was easy to assemble since it came with everything you need. Has a lot of storage space underneath. Very sturdy, doesn't squeak, and it even came with adhesive strip pads to keep the mattress in place.
I love this frame. We had another similar frame from this company that I loved but left it behind when we moved. We had a good free frame available in our new house but it felt a little unstable. Almost immediately we bought this one and it was so worth it. It is silent and so sturdy. My husband flops around like a fish in his sleep and this frame is a must. Also, our combined weight is around 450 pounds and this frame doesn’t mind at all. Highly recommend.
Everything was fairly easy to put together and it was looking great....then the very last step of placing the 12 platform bars down...11 of the 12 are about 1/2 inch too short. Terrible quality control!
It damaged the floor a bit from moving around (this was not from extracurricular activities. Just getting on and off the bed [we are both about 5'3 140-160 lbs] was enough to move it). Putting PVC pipe covers on the long bars was enough to stop the movement. The vertical legs themselves were not even, but those were taken care of with coasters. The weight of the mattress keeps the unevenness steady so you'd hardly ever know.

Overall, this is a decent frame for it's price. If you're just barely getting by as we are, this is a good option to go with. It's not the best, but it's hardly bad either. Just be willing to adjust a bit.
I know there were reviews about difficulty assembling and the screws stripping. Let me just say that as my roommate and I were setting this up, we couldn't figure out what they were talking about. Took us less than 20 minutes to set it up and everything fit together beautifully. I've had it for 2 weeks now and haven't had ANY issues. No squeaking or creaking. Nice height for me. I'm 6' tall. Leaves plenty of room for storage underneath too!
Would DEFINITELY recommend to friends and family.

There is no way to attach a headboard to this frame! Be aware of that before buying. Zinus makes other frames that are compatible with headboards but this model is not one of them.

Original review follows:

I was worried that the mattress may slide around on the frame because there is no lip to keep it in place, but the grip strips hold it in position nicely. Assembly was quick and easy and the frame is sturdy. The powder coating seems to be durable and resists scratching from routine use.
It is nothing fancy but when we got we rather liked it. But is has only been 2 months and the lages are bending, one has come off. And the frame has bent. I have added support to the bottom and we are now looking for something better.
I bought this frame (king size, 18" high) about one month ago and I am overall impressed. Although it is easy to assemble even by one person alone (30 minutes) with no heavy parts, it is quite sturdy and makes absolutely no noise. Then, why not 5 stars? The space between the slats is too large, so it will not support adequately some mattresses. To remediate this, I have added two pieces of melamine sheets on the frame, which has now made it the perfect frame! I was afraid that 18" would be too much space under the bed, but it is in fact just the right height and looks pretttttty good, if you need to use this space for additional storage.
Great price for a king size bed frame. It took about 20 minutes to assemble by myself. It came with excellent assembly instructions and a little tool to screw in the bolts - much better than the standard allen key. The frame is light weight and easy to move around once put together. My only complaint is that a few of the slats were too short to slide into either side of the frame where there are grooves. They sit on top of the grooves but I couldn’t get them to connect. I placed these slats near the foot and head of the frame where they will be less weight bearing. They’re staying in place right now so we will see if they hold up over time I suppose. I have a thick 12 inch mattress so ditched the box springs and the mattress feels well supported by the frame. For the price, I think this is a nice, modern looking bed frame that frees up a lot of under bed storage space.
Wow! Here in two days and delivered first thing 9 am. The instructions were easy to follow and only took 15 minutes to set up. We just have a mattress and no box spring and it's perfect height and level all over. It even has sticky service so it doesn't let bed move around. It even came with 3 cute thank you cards to send friends and family. Very nice personal touch from company. It was also economical and good quality. Don't find that often. Very impressed

Fast forward 1 year.
The bed did not withstand 1 year, the bed is sagging in the middle and the metal bars are bent.
Recommend for maybe one person sleeping.

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