Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen Blue & Cream, 14.00 l x 28.00 w x 40.00 h inches

Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen Blue & Cream, 14.00 l x 28.00 w x 40.00 h inches

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The children enjoy playing with this, and it does come with a couple of items, but I needed to supplement with their "food" in order to make it worth using their imagination. Before purchasing their extras, the children kept asking, "Where's the food?" I think that Little Tikes should consider adding a few items extra to make it worth owning without attempting to bilk parents out of more money having to purchase their add-ons at a ridiculously high price.

The item went together within a couple hours (doing it alone). The doors work, the noise of the "water" and "stove" intrigued the children, so that was a nice feature. The children tended to play with that more than anything prior to my buying the "food". It appears to be well constructed, however, it did want to tip when one of the toddlers pulled on the towel rack in an attempt to climb it, so my husband had to bolt it to the wall. Keep this in mind when setting up. It isn't sturdy enough to be pulled on or it will topple.

First, the pros: This was shipped exactly on time. Needed some assembly, but the instructions were very comprehensive. Ordered this for my son for a Christmas present and set it up in about an hour on Christmas Eve. He was very pleased with it! The details are cute and there are a lot of cabinets, overall a good design. It's the perfect size for most kids in the appropriate age range. Comes with a couple of accessories, which I thought was cool.
Cons: there is a battery-operated knob on top that it supposed to make sizzling noises. It broke within 48 hours. I tried replacing the battery thinking that my son had just been using it too much but the actual piece that makes the sound effects is toast. Personally, I like it better now that it doesn't make noise...but my son was a bit disappointed when I informed him it was altogether broken so, it loses a star.
Let me start by saying I love Little Tikes, and their kitchens in particular. This one is not one of them. I am not sure what happened here but this is a drastic departure from their normal quality standard. Most of the parts fit together badly if they fit at all. It looks mostly ok when you get it totally put together but there is no way it will last 3 months of continuous play. So very disappointed. Bonus they included every language instruction but English. At least that was not the worst bit for those of us who have done this before.

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