Little Tikes Cook ‘n Learn Smart Kitchen

Little Tikes Cook ‘n Learn Smart Kitchen

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Got this at a great deal on an Amazon flash sale. I had been looking at play kitchens for a while and this one really stood out. It really is a great kitchen. Definitely plan out about half an hour to put it together, as a one person job, and don't forget to pick up AA batteries as it needs 4.

All the accessories are just too cool. The lightweight plastic of the cups and plates and salt/pepper shakers fall off the shelves easily but the light weight means he's not going to hurt himself when they fall, so I'm good with it.

However. Every time you turn it on, you have to start the app on your tablet and synchronize it with the kitchen just as if it's the first time. It can take a while, sometimes I need to restart both kitchen and tablet a couple times each, and I've found I need to remove other Bluetooth items from the living room to speed up the process or make it work more reliably. So if you have a Fitbit or a cell phone, turn off Bluetooth or put them on the other end of the house before you try to turn it on.

The app seems great, my 3 year old doesn't always want to follow along with the recipes but prefers them over the free play option. I tend to limit screen time but what's cool about this is it's still a learning toy that requires him to use fine motor skills, pay attention, follow instructions AND it has a screen. So he is enamored with it and I am happy he's learning. He thinks it's cool that he's cooking like mama.

I did a ridiculous amount of research on play kitchens before buying and I do feel this is the very best one on the market, but the syncing issue really grinds my gears.

I honestly can’t believe a company with your history and reputation let a garbage product like this leave your factory/warehouses...and then had the nerve to charge over $100 for it?! Absolutely embarrassing on your part! Multiple missing pieces, “holes” that hadn’t even been attempted to be pre-drilled, warped (preassembled) pieces that grind and don’t close properly and are crooked from one side to the other, etc. I don’t know what happened since I was a child, and maybe MGA Entertainment buying you out was your downfall, but the products these days are pure garbage! I can honestly say that I have no reason to ever purchase another Little Tikes product because it’s clear that you’ve given up any attempt at putting out a decent product, and it’ll likely be the same quality as this box full of cheap warped trash... that is, the parts that actually made it INTO the box! Seriously, and you charge that much?!?! Done.
This is the best play kitchen! My 3 and 1 year old love it! The app is excellent and is appropriate for all learning ages. The app has a free play, games, cooking recipes, etc. and connection to the smart device is easy. I highly recommend this play kitchen. The sounds are great, especially when connected to the app! The app recognizes all the accessory items, like the veggies, pan, pizza, etc. when they are placed on the "cutting board." The sounds without the app include the oven opening and closing and the stove. I thought the placement of the wifi connect button was in a bad place (thinking my one year old would push it constantly and disconnect the connection to the iPad) but that's not the case. Even if she pushes it, it does not disconnect from the iPad. I'm hoping there are additional accessories to purchase of the kitchen that work with the app.

Despite my "highly recommended" comment, there are a few cons: you do need a power drill to put the kitchen together, we also needed a box cutter since the hole for the sink did not line up correctly once we installed the counter top. The second thing (which is probably rare occurrence), is that there is a hole at the back of the oven. It looks like not enough plastic was poured into the mold so the plastic was too think and a hole formed. I've uploaded a picture. We waiting until Christmas Eve to put the kitchen together, otherwise I would have sent it back and asked for a new one. I recommend opening the box to make sure there are no defects to the item.

Overall... I highly recommend this play kitchen.
I gave this 4 stars for a few reasons. And for the record I paid $90 for this when It was on sale and I'm glad I didn't spend much more than that on it. It's even smaller than I expected it to be and I really wish there was more storage to it.
The slots where the 2 plates go will only hold 1 of them and the other just rolls back out.
The fridge door doesn't close all the way.
The small shelf on the top right corner is pointless because it's too small to actually hold anything.
The long shelf that's supposed to hold the salt and pepper shakers need to have a lip or bar on it to actually hold them up there because they will constantly just fall off.
And I wish the oven and and fridge didn't taper in so much on the inside so that You could fit more in it.

I would've given it 3 stars because of all those things and the fact that it had previously been priced waaay to high but my kids love it.
The app is fun and my son really likes that and all the extras it comes with are really nice.
The fact that you can pull the tomatoes and apples off the vine and cut them in half is really cool.
I wish the actual kitchen was more interactive without using the app and I wish it had a microwave and a phone with it like some of the others I looked at.
All in all it's a good kitchen set and it's super cute. It would be so much better if it was a little larger though.
Ok I will not be able to say just how amazing and cute this kitchen is!! We got this for our 3 year olds birthday and she hasn’t stopped playing with it! I loved the wood kitchens but thought she would like something that made noises more and boy does this kitchen do it!! It makes water sound coming out of the faucet, it fries food, it chops, the oven has a light also makes a noise like you’re opening a real oven door and makes noise when you drop food in the cookware! You can “chop” the Velcro food and pluck it off the vine like a real garden. Seriously can’t say enough about how fun this is and keeps my daughter so entertained! Set up was easy, I read instructions while my husband put it together and it went smoothly.
Absolutely gutted. We paid £120 for this on 27th October and have hidden it upstairs until tonight to set up for a Christmas gift from Santa for our 2 year old. As soon as we opened the box, we could see the scuff marks and it has been very badly packed, even though the sticker on the back says 'packed with pride my c beal'. Tried to contact seller but can't find a way too as it just says 'return window closed on 28th November'. I'm so upset to have spent so much and for it to be such poor quality

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