Etekcity 0.1g Food Kitchen Gram Scale Bowl, Gifts for Baking, Cooking, Meal Prep, Diet, Keto, and Weight Loss, 11lb, Red S...

Etekcity 0.1g Food Kitchen Gram Scale Bowl, Gifts for Baking, Cooking, Meal Prep, Diet, Keto, and Weight Loss, 11lb, Red S...

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This scale is so much more accurate than I expected. Wow!

We bought this to replace a less than accurate Polder scale that I was completely frustrated with. That old scale was +/- 2 grams, which when you are baking can make a big difference. That old was was inaccurate, slow to register, and expensive.

This new scale, wow. A) it's lightning fast, it registers the tiniest changes in weight immediately, B) it's cheap, but most importantly C) it's accurate.

How accurate? Well, one member of our family happens to work in a lab and has access to reference weights. We tested this scale:

- 1 g = dead on
- 2 g = dead on
- 10 g = dead on
- 20 g = 20.1 g
- 50 g = 50.1 g
- 100 g = 100.1 g
- 200 g = 200.2 g

That's unbelieveably accurate for a scale that costs less than $20. I would give this scale more than 5 stars if I could.

It as accurate as my Ozeri kitchen scale. The Ozeri is good, but it was harder to read, because the display window got hidden when you used a bowl to hold items.
The readout of this scale is easy to read for many reasons. It has a large numbers, the display for the units is placed where you can see them, and it is lit up. I found I could place a large 8" bowl and still read the display unobstructed, because the display extends past the bowl. The tare setting which zeros out the weight of the bowl to hold the item, is common to other scales. If you tare it with the items loaded, it goes into a negative reading so you can tell you how much you removed, as with all scales.
The bowl supplied can hold a number of items. Its oval shape is such that it easily doesn't cover the display.
very happy with it, but it takes a couple of seconds to show the weight. so you have to put the food slowly so you dont get passed the measure you want
I bought this and a few weeks later, it stopped working. I could turn it on, but it was a blank screen. They immediately sent me a new one and it has worked great for the last few months. It’s really helped me learn portion sizes.
This scale was very easy to use. I like that it has a small bowl/tray that hold the item(s) being weighed. I also like that you can hit the tare/on button with your own empty bowl on the scale so you can weigh larger amounts. This worked great when I was doing my canning. I was able to weigh the tomatoes and plums which made following the recipes so much easier. It is quite small and does not take up a lot of space in the cupboard when storing it.
I have only good things to say about this scale! I saw a lot of comments regarding it not being backlit but there are two and this one is backlit. As long as you zero out the scale after placing the bowl on it it is really accurate. I am using this to help with my keto eating plan. I love it just be sure when you’re ordering you pick the correct scale.
There's no option or setting to calibrate the scale so it's not consistent. I can weigh the same item 10 times, and every time it will be different. I love everything else about this scale except for the calibration issue. If you need a scale that's dead on to the tenth every time, look for something else.
I feed my dogs raw food and need to weigh it. I've also got a parrot that needs to be weighed now and then for health reasons. I had one for quite a long time and it started eating batteries, wouldn't shut off automatically, the typical stuff. I bought this one to replace it but was a bit concerned because of price difference. This one was much cheaper, and boy, was I pleasantly surprised! Nice scale, measures accurately, easy to tare, but the best feature of all, although it will shut off automatically, is the fact you can shut it off manually. LOVE it!!!! I highly recommend this.
Better than expected. The conversion functions are fantastic and the price also great.

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