Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale, Digital Grams and Ounces for Weight Loss, Baking, Cooking, Keto and Meal Prep, Medium, Stainl...

Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale, Digital Grams and Ounces for Weight Loss, Baking, Cooking, Keto and Meal Prep, Medium, Stainl...

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I have had a similar scale from another company for a number of years, but when it finally died I noticed the Etekcity was less expensive and had good reviews, so I decided to try it. Great decision!
It is impressively light and is easy to use and to store. I love the "tare" function that lets you put an empty bowl or plate on the scale, zero the reading, and then add what you will weigh,which is something I want to do fairly often.
The readout is impressively legible, with high-contrast black on white large letters. Even my visually impaired husband, who can no longer read most household appliances, can read it.
It is also accurate, and when I was testing this aspect, I learned something that rather surprised me. The scale has different settings for fluid ounces of water versus milk, which makes sense, since "fluid ounce" is more of a volume unit than weight. When I measured both the water and the milk, the scale said they weighed about 1/2 ounces more than the measuring cup said. So I got out a different measuring cup, and the reading showed very close to the 8 ounces I thought I had poured. A third measuring cup confirmed this. Apparently my scale is more accurate than at least one of my measuring cups!
I am very happy with this little scale and expect it to get a lot of use in my kitchen.

I’ve been on keto lifestyle for a while and I do a lot of cooking and baking at home! So I use my scale almost everyday! I bought this scale to replace my old one. I was looking for a scale with regular batteries ( my old one had a flat round battery and they are kinda pricey! ). I was surprised when I received it because it was so thin, light and little ( with the box! ) but it’s a really nice scale and the numbers are very bright so it’s easy to read! I LOVE this scale and I’m glad I chose this one!!!
Update 1/7/2020 - very disappointed in this scale. I have not even had the scale for 6 months and it continuously stops working. When pushing the on/off/reset button it does nothing. You can’t switch between the different measurements. I have replaced the batteries multiple times.

Love this scale and all the different measurement options. It is small, only a small side plate or bowl fits on it and still be able to see the measurement, but works for us
This is a nice little scale. I’ve never used a food scale before, so I don’t have anything to compare it to. The top of the scale is stainless steel and the bottom is a creamy white plastic. All I do is touch the “on” button to turn it on, place my empty container on it and press the tare button (same button as the “on” button) so the weight of the container is not counted, then add my food to the container in the grams my dietician prescribed. I use all the same size Ziploc containers, so I can quickly fill my grams without having to re-tare a container.

Seems accurate; I placed a piece of cheese on it and it matched the stated weight of the cheese. I can manually turn it off or it will auto turn off after about 3 minutes.

Very easy to use. Easy to clean. Uses 3 AAA batteries that come with it and the batteries are easy to change. Very lightweight and easy to move around. Sleek, compact, and nice-looking. The price was good, too.
I am so happy that I bought this replacement for the older model! It exceeded my expectations and I could not be more pleased! Light weight, compact for easy storage, fast, accurate, has a bright readout, is easy to wipe clean and looks good. Perfect in my opinion! It pairs well with my food saver for breaking down quantities and I will no doubt find plenty of other uses for it.
I’ve had a few food scales over the years and most have been clunky or required a few different pieces to be put together with buttons being difficult to reach or sticking. This scale is by far the best one. It’s simple, lightweight yet feels as though it will hold up for several years. Being one piece makes it easy to store and clean. Functioning buttons are very easy to get used to and make using the scale very easy. If anyone is looking at purchasing a hassle free food scale, this is the one.
I have wanted a kitchen scale literally for decades but it was the price that decided me to order the Elekcity Kitchen Scale. Now, having used it I can declare that it is a very good investment indeed. I have not had the device very long and have not put it to any great test but today, for instance, I wanted to fix a recipe that called for a pound and a half of ground beef. My supermarket was offering only pre-packaged ground meat in amounts ranging from slightly less than a pound to just barely over that amount.. So, to fix the recipe I had to weigh out 1.5 pounds of hamburger myself from two packages, with some leftover to freeze. After reading the directions (warning: they are printed in quite small type and I needed a magnifying glass to do that), I was able to get the proper weight with very little effort . I recommend the Elekcity scale with no reservations. I like it a lot.
I like that this little food scale can fit in my purse and go with me when I eat out! I use it for everything I eat. Because I weigh my food - It's accurate. It has a tab that can weigh the container and then zero it out to weigh your food. So you're eating the proper amount of food and not the added container weight. I bought 2 different food scales - but same brand.

I bought this scale almost 5 months ago and I've had to replace the batteries once. Overall, it works well and cleans up just as nice with a cloth. I've had no rusting or damage, so it seems pretty well made, even after getting water on the buttons and being dropped. It is on the smaller side but I think this is a great product for the price, and I would suggest buying it!
This scale works perfectly and has built-in conversion for the most common units. Very happy with this purchase and I recommend it if you want to become more aware of the quantity of food you consume!
Very lightweight and slim design. High quality and accurate readings. Doesn't take up space in the kitchen. Easy to use. So far we have been using it for quite some time with no issues at all.

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