Etekcity Food Scale with Bowl, Timer, and Temperature Sensor, Digital Kitchen Weight for Cooking and Baking, 2.06 QT, Silver

Etekcity Food Scale with Bowl, Timer, and Temperature Sensor, Digital Kitchen Weight for Cooking and Baking, 2.06 QT, Silver

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Love it!! Great price, very accurate and looks very professional. The fitted bowl works well for a litter of squirming puppies we just had - making sure they are gaining weight properly. I just started a new diet and I can place a cup or any container on it, turn on the scale and it zeros out so I can add ingredients by weight. My husband is using it to with our boys to weigh the Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby cars they are crafting. It's very accurate.

I bought this product because of the good reviews and it had some pretty nice features.
Upon opening it I realized it was much smaller than the advertised pictures showed. But that’s ok with me because it has a Tare option so I can use a larger bowl if needed.
It is stainless steel, very sleek.
I tested out the features and most of them worked just as discribed BUT the temperature sensor wasn’t very accurate.
I took the the temp of a room temperature lemon, a refrigerated egg and a large ice cube from the freezer. The temperature changed with each one but wasn’t accurate to the actual temperature of the item.
That was the only drawback. This is why I couldn’t give it 5 stars. Besides that, it’s a nice scale and will do the job.
I bought this scale based on positive reviews, and the reviews were just as accurate as the scale is. I needed something that could measure lighter weights for cooking while still being accurate. For example, I use this scale to measure out coffee beans to grind for a French press pot of coffee, and it needs to be extremely accurate, so I use the "gram" scale because there is 28.3495 grams in a single ounce -- very accurate measure if you're serious about good coffee. I've had other scales that were not nearly accurate enough to be useful, so when the last one broke I bought this one. I have no idea how long it will last, although it seems to be well made; it's mostly metal and the bowl is metal, and the parts appear to be durable, so hopefully it will last a while. This particular scale is said to measure up to eleven pounds (4,989 grams, give or take half a gram), and the gram scale is the most accurate measure, and it will measure fractions of a gram. Easy to use, appears to be durable, accurate, and I even got a pair of AAA batteries that still had some life -- can't ask for anything more. 5 stars for functionality; no idea about durability or battery life, but if the scale works for a year or two I'll feel like I've gotten my money's worth. Recommended. No affiliation with Etek. Oh, the scale was boxed really well and it arrived promptly, too.
This thing is a cheap piece of crap. The thing turns itself on when you take it our of the cabinet, then it turns itself off when you set it on the counter. Then you turn it on, zero it out, and it will weigh ONE time before turning off. I make a lot of pie crusts for various things, and since I make deep dish I always measure out almost ⅔ for the bottom, and ⅓ for the top. When I tried this out by placing different articles in the bowl, each time it weighed the first item, and when I removed it from the bowl, before I could get the second article in the bowl, it turned off! VERY FRUSTRATING if you use a scale for multiple weights that you have to do consecutively. Thank God I did not keep it past the return date, and I am returning this thing pronto.

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