Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board - XL Wood Cutting Board - 18 x 12.5" - Chopping Board for Meat and Vegetables - Extra Lar...

Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board - XL Wood Cutting Board - 18 x 12.5" - Chopping Board for Meat and Vegetables - Extra Lar...

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EDITED: I am removing the 3 stars and giving 1 star and returning the board. The splintering is ridiculous as shown by the pics I shared.
ORIGINAL REVIEW: I received my board and took it out of the plastic wrap. I ran a towel over the top of the board and the towel snagged in many places, leaving towel fabric snags behind on the board, and revealing that there is already splintering in this board and i have never used it. I also ordered the Greener Chef Walnut Oil Cutting board Spray, so I am going to condition the board tonight and then after a couple days to let the oil soak in, I will try using the board. If the splintering remains, I will be returning this board. I gave 3 stars as I was unsatisfied with the splintering right out of the packaging, but I am hopeful (with so many good product reviews) that this will be a good product and that the conditioning oil will solve the problem.

I have waited to write a review so I could use the board over a period of time. I am very pleased with the performance and how it has held up. All types of food products. I have included a picture showing it today after almost daily use for 6 months. For me, it is an excellent product.
*UPDATE after two uses... In addition to the issues mentioned earlier, this thing can't handle good knives. DEEP cut on the first slice, don't even try to chop on this thing. Starting the return process, still can't believe this has such high ratings.

Bamboo is weird, it's a grass, so it IS prone to "splintering" in this application... That being said, the amount of said "splintering" is pretty crazy. It's like the board has been dried for 40 years in the desert before shrink wrapped. Next thing to note, is the fact that it is not actually 18x12 inches. It's 17 3/4 X 11 3/4, so if dimensions are important to you (as they are for my cutting board needs...) you may not want this board. Lastly, and certainly not least, WTF is offgassing from this thing? It smells eerily reminiscent of formaldehyde, which is VERY common for bamboo products from China. These 3 things are going to have me looking for another board. This one was supposed to replace a $9 bamboo board that I bought at a local Tuesday Mornings about a decade ago, which even though its glue has lost its will to hold, is STILL preferable to what I received here. Feeling a bit slighted, as I'm not sure how this board got such high ratings if this is what everyone is getting. Will give this thing a few washes and oilings, and see if it's still worth cutting on.
I love this board. It is a nice size so it can be used for more than 1 item. I love that it has an area around the edging to catch liquid and prevent a mess. I found this easy to clean, and easy to apply oil too. The board is attractive looking. Could easily be displayed. Best of all I am very concerned about having safe products in my home, and this filled that priority for me, too. Nothing bad to say about this great product.
This cutting board works great! I have been looking for a good cutting board for a while. At first i wasn't sure if i should go for it or not because i have had bad experience with cutting board with a bunch of wooden pieces put together. I have used this for about a month now and i haven't had any problem so far.

The only thing I have to be careful about is that once i start cutting, sometimes the cutting board slides, so a thin rubber padding at the edges would be great to keep in place. Other that that, no problem so far and i would definitely recommend.
I bought this for the size. It fits very well over my stainless kitchen sink. Makes cleaning fish, chopping meat and veggies clean and simple. One thing though. This board, like all wooden cutting boards, must be treated with a food grade mineral oil in order to keep it from absorbing odors.
I'm enjoying it. It was very easy to clean. I don't mind handwashing it. The last bamboo cutting board (not from this vendor) I put in the dishwasher. It didn't stay as beautiful as when I first bought it. I'm treating this one nicer. So that it will look as good as now longer. I love the bamboo cutting board! Not much more I can say than that it is a good cutting board.
I sent this order to my daughter. When she received it she was quite impressed! She was surprised at the size! She highly recommends it!

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