Zinus Joseph Platform, Narrow Twin, Black

Zinus Joseph Platform, Narrow Twin, Black

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This bed frame out-IKEAs IKEA. It exceeded all expectations for being sturdy and easy-to-assemble. As a bonus, I'll share how to make it the most efficient storage for any bedroom, *especially* a tiny studio apartment.

Go to The Container Store, and purchase some "White Rolling Plastic Storage Totes" (also available in Black). The 10-inch-high full-size bedframe can take four 25-qt (SKU#: 10071416) AND four 19-qt (SKU#: 10071415). The queen-size bedframe can take EIGHT of the 25-qt (SKU#: 10071416). Place the lids on the floor under the bins/under the bed, and the wheeled bins roll out like perfectly-fitting drawers. You can replace dresser/chest-of-drawers for two people with the bins acting as drawers under the bed and taking up no additional room space! These products should be sold together as a bundle. When you are ready to move, just put the lids on the bins and voila! You're instantly packed!

We've had the King-size bed frame for three months. It's used by two average weight adults with a Tuft & Needle mattress on top. In three short months, the two support bars in the middle have completely bent and no longer support the bed in the middle. Sure, we have fun in bed - but it's not like we're monkeys.

I've sent two support requests to the manufacturer, and no word back. Based on the quality of the product, the poor customer service, and the false warranty, I can't recommend this bed at all. No matter how cheap it is.
I bought this and it came missing a piece. I contacted Amazon and was told there was nothing they could do other than have me return it. So I’ve been trying. It has been scheduled to be picked up 3 times now (for a defective and useless item that is extremely heavy, bulky, and for which I can’t get all the actual pieces back in the box and closed anyway), yet no one has come to pick it up as scheduled. Amazon is putt8 g me through hell on this and I’m furious. This is not what I expect and I advise you not to buy this item for fear you will endure the same.
I love the look of this frame, and decided to take a chance on it after seeing the good-on-average-reviews of Zinus Modern Studio 10" platform bed frame. I needed space for storage in a small apartment, and hoped the taller frame would be better suited for that. The package came a day earlier than expected, with all parts in pristine condition; putting the frame together was straightforward, took me & my spouse less than twenty minutes. It is likewise easily disassembled if you need to move it, another plus for us. Once the mattress is centered on the frame the wooden slats of the frame aren't visible, and it really looks great! You can fit anything about 12" tall or less underneath (the top & bottom bars of the frame take away about two inches of space, so a large 14" suitcase that can squish a little works but an actual 14" plastic bin won't fit!) The frame is very sturdy, doesn't make any noise, and I've been thrilled with the purchase, especially considering the price!
Side note: in reviews for the 10" platform frame by Zinus, 
probably the easiest item I've ever assembled in my life. Took like 20 minutes. I could have been drunk on a bottle of wine and pain pills and not messed this up. it comes in a big, long box where all parts are separated and wrapped, clear directions and screws with a hex key. follow the numbers, link everything, throw down the wood slats and you and the Miss will be testing it's stability in no time at all (it's stable and sturdy, we checked). Great product!
Very sturdy and easy to assemble. Love it!
Looks great, and has amazing amount of room for storage underneath! but 3 months into using the frame the metal bent on itself in a few places.

Adding to review, I email the company and had amazing help with getting a new frame sent out as a replacement!
Thank you guys!
It was so easy to put together!
Fantastic quality and service so far. I purchased on Thursday and set it up (20 min max) today. It is sturdy and low profile perfect for my old dog. The thank you note was a nice added bonus. Nice touch guys. Could have used more 3m sticky stuff. not a big deal.

p.s. the lights are MINGER Dreamcolor 5M/16.4 Ft RGB LED Strip Lights, APP Control MusicPro . Super cool product. Colors controlled with app and different setting available. $41.00 cant complain.
 I'm 5' 7'' / 125 lbs and a side sleeper. Got this to go with Sealy Posturepedic Ansel mattress which was quite firm to begin with when used on the floor for the first month.
It seemed to me to get a bit softer / develop a slight sag when used on this bed but convinced myself that I was imagining it. However, 6 months on and the sag got progressively more noticeable until I decided to investigate after waking up with sharp lower back pain.
Placed a camcorder on the floor at the foot of the bed and recorded the underside while I got on the bed. The video shows that the slats do indeed sag significantly and in different places everytime I change positions.
Further investigation revealed that some of the slats that sagged most had developed a permanent bend in the middle so that the mattress sag remained even when the slats were placed directly on the floor.
Had to sell it off.

Can't say if this problem occurs with larger sizes that do seem to have a center support but the twin version definitely needs one too.

Superb quality. The metal has a smooth matte finish that looks so nice. Took me 10 minutes to open the package and open all the individually wrapped bars and planks. Everything is labelled perfectly. Took another 15 minutes to assemble. Clear and easy to read instructions. Doesn’t creak or make any sounds. Perfect height so that my blankets don’t touch the floor. Highly, highly recommend. Also comes with a 5 year warranty with original receipt!

Edit: have had this bed frame for a couple months now. Still love it and it’s very quiet. No squeaking when we get freaky which was my number one concern. Still highly recommend!!

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