Nicewell Food Scale, High Accurate Digital Kitchen Scale with Pastry Mat, Scale Measures in Grams and Ounces 6kg 13lbs Max...

Nicewell Food Scale, High Accurate Digital Kitchen Scale with Pastry Mat, Scale Measures in Grams and Ounces 6kg 13lbs Max...

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 I had been using very old analog kitchen scale for years for cooking and baking (max 450 gram). I finally decided to upgrade to digital kitchen scale. Found this Nicewell food digital scale and made a purchase. The scale arrived within 2 days with Amazon Prime account. I put in use already to make cookies :)
The scale is very easy to use. It is very intuitive. The On and Unit buttons are easy to press, and the units changes accordingly. There are options for gram, lb, lb oz, oz, and ml. The scale is giving accurate result too. I have compared the result :)
The metal top also makes it easier to clean/wipe. It is not flimsy. The scale uses 3 AAA batteries and the batteries are included. The scale will also turn off automatically after a few minutes of no use. I like this feature because it will definitely save the battery life.
Overall, I recommend this scale for someone who is looking to upgrade or to just get a digital kitchen scale. It does save me a lot of troubles from reading the lines on my old analog scale and ensure accuracy.
Watch my video on how easy it is to use it.

Simple perfection. Batteries are provided and easy to insert. Scale measures exactly as I ran a comparison test. Nice, clear large numbers are displayed and the surface wipes clean easily. I kept the box and insert to store the scale and batteries since I don't use the scale that often. The heat resistant mat was an extra bonus. All in all, really great product.
I have gone on a diet since gaining weight during Covid...ugh!

This scale had such great reviews (and now I am giving it a great review) I decided to give it a try.

Not only is it very pretty, it is very accurate. The stainless steel part is a nice size that you can place a large item on it, press 'TARE" and it will set the scale to '0' so you can weigh only what you add to the item such as plate, measuring cup etc. to it.

I never did any kind of "portion measuring" until now and I never realized that my idea of '1 portion' was not necessarily '1 portion', I weigh and measure everything I eat and have started to lose weight pretty fast!
The package was wrapped well and tight. The delivery was so quick. Besides the scale, it came up with three AAA batteries, use the scale right away, no need to look for batteries. Besides, the seller wrapped a silicone baking mat all together. Very considerate. The scale is light weight, easy to ready under a varieties of measurements. The LED screen is clear for the numbers. This is a perfect gift to people. Very useful kitchen tool.
I count macros regularly and purchased this food scale to keep in my office at work. Quite often, I enjoy a 3 PM snack and having a food scale at work can help me stay within my macros - especially on foods that add up quick! (like the oatmeal pictured)
The display has a bright blue background with dark numbering which makes it extremely easy to read. The buttons to toggle between the different units and "zero-ing" the scale are easy to press. You actually have to push these buttons down and it will make a click sound. Nothing annoying, rather old-school but actually really handy. My food scale at home has a lighter touch to press style button and it can be more tricky to use. I much prefer this style.
The buttons also have a smooth surface covering over them so that no crumbs, gunk, or grime will get stuck in the small spaces around them (a problem I had with an old food scale).
This is a great product! Totally serves it purpose. It might even replace my food scale at home...
Use it to make my cats food and to measure out how much I’m feeding her daily so I don’t over or under feed her. I make her cat food so I need to follow precise amounts of each ingredient so the scale is essential for that too. So far I’m happy with it. I’m not too techno savvy but I can figure it out. The display readout is large enough to see clearly. It auto shuts off if it’s not used for several minutes. Nice battery saving feature. So far so good
Happen with this scale. Wasn't sure if I'd use it that much, but surprising I do. I use it in my office at home and find myself weighting knives, mail, fishing stuff, etc. Fun to own and use.
I use this scale for measuring both liquid and dry ingredients. I like that you can weigh in grams, ounces and pounds.
It works

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