Chef's Path Airtight Extra Large Food Storage Container - 4 PC Set/All Same Size - Kitchen & Pantry Organization - Ideal f...

Chef's Path Airtight Extra Large Food Storage Container - 4 PC Set/All Same Size - Kitchen & Pantry Organization - Ideal f...

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I ordered 2 sets of these containers and another set of the multi sized. These are top quality containers that are air tight, easy to clean (I hand washed and dried) and hold a lot!

I noticed after receiving this container set that one of the containers was damaged and had a hole in it (see photo). I contacted Waleed, co-founder via email at the address provided with the product information and received a response with 24 hours along with notification that a replacement container would be mailed to me. This was on Friday and by Wednesday the following week I received my replacement! How’s that for absolutely awesome customer service!

Due to the high quality of these containers, ease of use and outstanding customer service I would not hesitate to recommend them! If I could give this product and seller 10 stars I absolutely would!

We bought these to store flour, sugar, and other needs for baking. You never can tell when purchasing an item without seeing it or holding it in person. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality. Built well, thicker plastic than expected, secure fit. Love the labels and chalkboard marker, but we opted to use our label maker instead. These WILL hold a 5-lb bag of flour or sugar; it will be close to the top of the container, but if you shake and pat down, it will fit. I give this 4 stars instead of 5 b/c I do wish they were a little bit wider so fit a full bag with a little more wiggle room; the value is exceptional; true durability remains to be seen but it's great so far. Highly recommend these containers and others by this company. We also bought the 7-pc set, but we're still deciding what to put in each container!
I love these containers! I've bought multiple sets of Chef's Path products to complete my pantry. The Extra Large set is perfect for my rice, sugar, candy, & saltine crackers.

Unfortunately, these containers are not leak proof, so if you store liquid in them & the containers are knocked over, they may spill. They are waterproof; however, water will get trapped in the lid - so you need to be careful with that. Because water can get trapped in the lid, it's not recommended that you wash them, just wipe them off.

My only complaint with these containers is that that the lids for the Extra Large set & the 6 PC set (which are rounded & don’t hang over) are not the same as the lids for the 7 PC set (which are rectangle & hang over the edge) & the cereal containers are an entirely different style. However, everything coordinates well together, so I'm happy & would recommend these products.
These are sturdy, durable and airtight containers. This is one of the best project if you are looking for a air tight container. These looked pretty good when I first opened it but wanted to use it for a few days before rating and reviewing the product. These are really good to keep moisture out. I use these containers for storing rice, cereal and lentils. These containers comes with a suction lock in the which will make sure the containers are air tight. You would need to release the lock before opening the container. I dropped one of the containers from 3-4 feet and the container was intact and the lid was secure due to the lock. Looking to get more product from Chef’s Path.
These, on first review are exactly what I wanted. They fit a full 5lb bag of flour (just barely) and seal well enough. The lid can be pulled off relatively easily by hand without unlocking, but that does not mean you're not getting a more than good enough seal on your items, unless you're looking for literal years of storage (and even then, a vacuum probably wouldn't help much anyways).

My only "con" of note is that the plastic is clearly prone to cracks. This shouldn't be an issue if you take caution for shock, as you should be anyways. I do not feel this is at all worth less of a rating as you shouldn't be striking hard plastics anyways, and the price point is stellar.

Final note: this does fit a fresh 5 lb bag of flour, I used 3 different bags I had, all fit. However, pour it in with some care as it is a tight fit to get everything in. Do not tap the container for compacting (this WILL crack your container at best, break the bottom out at worst). Instead, pour 3/4 of bag in. Shake side to side until settled, add rest slowly repeating, etc. This only really matters if you're trying to get rid of that first full bag.
My pantry used to be full of half open bags closed with chip clips and binder clips. It was a mess... until I found these. And wow! Are these beautiful! To try them out, I purchased the 175 oz Extra Large Storage Containers (set of 4), 135.2 oz Cereal Containers (set of 4), and the 2 liter Storage Containers (set of 12). But it is these 3.2 liter Extra Large Storage Containers (set of 4) that are my absolute favorite. The tops are really what makes these fantastic. They have a strong seal, but best of all, I can open them with one hand. The containers themselves are strong and clearly reveal what's inside. They come with labels, a white marker, and cute measuring cups. If I could influence the product line, I would recommend a variety of different sized containers using these materials and these tops. Absolutely love them and highly recommend.

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