AUVON Plug-in LED Motion Sensor Night Light, Mini Warm White LED Nightlight with Dusk to Dawn Motion Sensor, Adjustable Br...

AUVON Plug-in LED Motion Sensor Night Light, Mini Warm White LED Nightlight with Dusk to Dawn Motion Sensor, Adjustable Br...

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I wasn't sure what to expect from these lights when I ordered them. Most night lights are either too dark, too bright or give off a weird glow. I tested one of these in my bathroom, turned off the light and it lit up instantly. The light was soft and diffused. Not too bright and not to dark. I tried them out in the garage, kitchen and hallway and they worked out perfect. I wouldn't use these in a bedroom as the light might be too bright and keep you up. They are good to use if you need to light a path or find your way around in the middle of the night without turning on lamps

I'm so impressed with these night lights. They arrived yesterday. They have two brightness settings, one bright and one softer light. They have three settings: on (always on), off (always off), and auto (using motion detector, turns on for 60 seconds when motion is detected). The size is perfect, not too small, not too large.
Arrived in cute little cardboard box, four each inside. They look very nice, clean looking and fit nicely into the outlet. Don’t have to worry about someone knocking into it, especially if you plan to use in a narrow hallway. I noticed you seem to have to be approximately about a foot in a half before the sensor is activated and turns on in a dark area (hallway for us). I’ll probably keep it in the “On” position at night for that reason. Has two choices of brightness, low and bright. The “bright” lights up our hallway very well. Going to use these in several rooms of the house. Will be ordering more, since they work great and like the price!
This product works ok if you leave it on all of the time. If you want a motion activated light, do not buy this product because sometimes the light comes on and sometimes it doesn't. Most of the time, it doesn't. I contacted the seller and they told me to recycle the lights and that they would issue a credit. Time passed and--no credit received. Therefore, I contacted Amazon and they processed the credit. Buyer beware. By the way, my electrician was working at my home this morning and he saw these lights. He said they didn't work for him either. He said that his didn't last long. If I could give this product a zero rating, I would do so.
The "auto" feature has worked well for us in the bathrooms and in our bedroom for getting up in the middle of the night. The option of 2 different levels of brightness is a very nice feature. We use the dimmer light option in the bedroom and one of our bathrooms the brighter light option works better. We put another one inside our wash room entrance and now we rarely have to turn on the overhead lights as that little light just inside the door does a really good job of providing the light we need most of the time.

For anyone that is considering these lights, we are using one in a wall plug that lays horizontal, and one that we've had to plug in "upside down" so the "controls" for the light is on the top as we wanted to leave something else plugged into the bottom receptacle that has a larger square head which would have blocked our being able to easily push the button for brighter or dimmer light on this light.

We are very happy with our purchase and will be ordering another set of 4 to add to what we've already got.
I live in a large swampy area called southern Ohio. Keeping bugs at bay is a constant challenge. Previously I used the on at dark off at sunrise LED type plug-in lights around the house but found the lights being on all night attracted all manner of bugs to the lights, and their accompanying predators, being other bugs. So these lights, being on for just a short period of time while you pee, has eliminated the clean up bugs ritual part of morning shaving and tooth brushing. So if you are finding bugs, or portions thereof, around your night lights these would make a marked improvement. As an aside if you can paint the outside of your house dark colors other than white, will also not attract so many of those look like ladybug critters which infest everything in late fall and late spring, no insecticides needed. You will still have them, just not in the density as a white house attracts.
The tiny box these came in, (very well packaged by the way), was a bit alarming at first as it did not look like it was large enough to hold FOUR lights... But these cute little buggers are marvelous. Went straight away into a bathroom to test it in dark room. Much more light than we'd imagine and... AND it actually has two settings. Wish we'd found these before. Highly recommend. We like to keep plug-ins AND some battery powered in case of power outage. These will replace our older plug-ins. Very Satisfied.
These little lights are fantastic. The motion detection works great and has a fantastic distance and angle. There are two brightness settings, both which are great for different purposes — for instance bright for hallways, dim for bathrooms. The color is a nice “relax” color without being too orange or too white. Lastly, their size is great. They don’t block the other plug in your outlet!

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