AMIR Digital Kitchen Scale Upgraded, 500g/0.01g Mini Pocket Jewelry Scale, Cooking Food Scale with Back-Lit LCD Display, 2...

AMIR Digital Kitchen Scale Upgraded, 500g/0.01g Mini Pocket Jewelry Scale, Cooking Food Scale with Back-Lit LCD Display, 2...

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Received my Amir 500g/0.01g scale on 9/8/18. Scale arrived well packaged, on time, matches the description, and included 2 trays, batteries, and multi-lingual instructions. It's compact and exactly what I was looking for at a great price. I will be using this scale for DIY e-juice so I need the 0.01 accuracy.

I only gave it a 4 star rating because of the cons indicated below. In general:

• Calibration mode automatically asks for 100g weight. Unfortunately, I found an answer that indicated it needed a 500g weight so I bought it at the same time so I could start using the scale right away. Now I have to buy another weight and wait for that to come before I can use the scale.
• Using both the 500g weight and a dime and a quarter, the scale is off a very small amount, 500g shows 499.92g. Funny thing though, I left the weight on the scale and it went up in 0.02g increments until it got to 500g. When I removed the weight, it showed 0.06g. Lesson: take the reading quickly but be sure to calibrate first.

• I purchased this unit because I can turn off the auto-off function. This worked exactly as the seller indicated in the answers section.
• Measures to the hundredth of a gram as shown in the name "0.01".
• Has auto-calibration function.
• The instructions don't include how to calibrate or change the auto-off function. But this info can be found in the answers section.
• The buttons have a porous metal finish which makes them a bit hard to read.
• Scale needs to be calibrated which is to be expected but seller doesn't indicate required weight for auto-calibration function.

Works great and is very accurate once you calibrate it (requires a 500 gram calibration weight you must buy separately). Without calibration it’s still accurate but will be a tenth of a gram off or so...not a big deal for most folks so calibration is only a must for those demanding an exceptionally high level of accuracy. Overall, for the price, I don’t know if I’ve seen a better option for something so precise.
Great affordable and accurate. Already received a few compliments about this scale. Very easy to read in low light conditions. Comes with two weighing trays that double as a protective case for the scale. I’ve had mine for over a year now and I am NOT gentle with it but its given me zero issues. So its a keeper for sure. Highly recommend
It is not accurate, and to fix that, you need [1] a calibration weight (not included) and [2] use the undocumented calibration mode (turn the unit on, then press and hold the MODE button until it says "CAL"). I've got 3 50g calibration weights, and 1 100g calibration weight, but no 500g calibration weight. So I would have to buy one to get this to work properly.

For accuracy, I compared the results of this scale to [1] a 9-year-old .01g scale with a 100g capacity and [2] a brand new .001g scale with a 50g capacity. I weighed 5 different items (1g or 1oz) plus the 4 calibration weights (50g or 100g). For 8 of the 9 items I tested, it reported a weight .03g to .09g higher than either of the other two scales. For example, it thought the 100g calibration weight was 100.09g.

It also seems to have precision issues. For example, weighing a ~1oz object showed 32.50g. But weighing it again (after tare'ing), it showed as 32.52. And then weighing again, 32.50 again. And when I went to take a picture of the 100g calibration weight was 100.10g (versus 100.09g before).

I gave it 2 stars (rather than 1) because for many people, this is fine: perhaps yours will come properly calibrated, or you are fine with less than .01g accuracy. Note that I did press the TARE button before measurements (to ensure that the scale was starting from zero).

If you are buying this scale for the advertised .01g accuracy, you will need to also buy a 500g calibration weight and access the undocumented calibration mode (and assume that the undocumented calibration mode does indeed work). For me, the accuracy just isn't good enough, and I will likely need to return it.
Came in nicely packed box. Perfect size easy to store. Has separate tray for measuring loose items glitter or spices etc. Easy to read digital bright numbers. I like the size and it’s very accurate measurements. It would make a great gift for someone you know that like to get precise measurements of spices or other items when cooking. And be good for some home businesses that measure items to sell for crafts such as glitter sequins or other small items. Overall I really like my new scale.
This is a great scale for weighing smaller items that you may find in the kitchen or around the house (jewelry, etc.) I like that the scale comes with both a cover/tray for the weighing platform as well as an additional cover for the entire unit (though it only covers the top of the scale, not all the way around). I have had so-so luck with scales that have touch screen buttons so I was happy to see physical buttons that will not be quite so faulty. I predominantly use the "Tare" feature but will find myself changing units of measure on occasion as well. Very impressed with this unit for less than $15!!
We have a farm and couldn’t live without this scale! We use it to portion out light produce, like herbs, to weigh our chicken & duck eggs, and to weigh ingredients for baking! The two trays that come with it are really helpful, as well! Because it can accurately weigh very small amounts, I also recently bought a second one of these to have in the greenhouse for weighing out seeds for microgreen trays so I can now know our customers are all receiving the same amount each time! We’ve tried other scales, but they never had the reliability or degree of acurracy these consistently deliver.
I have one of these and it's still working fine however I ordered one for a friend it didn't work. Seems like QC didn't do their job properly. I have returned it and ordered a different one.

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