Glad GLD-74506 Stainless Steel Step Trash Can with Clorox Odor Protection | Large Metal Kitchen Garbage Bin with Soft Clos...

Glad GLD-74506 Stainless Steel Step Trash Can with Clorox Odor Protection | Large Metal Kitchen Garbage Bin with Soft Clos...

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I’m writing this review for a trash can. You might be like myself and entered the world of trash can shopping completely blown away at the price of trash cans. My girlfriend and I moved into a new house and she bought an 89 dollar futuristic microwave. It was red. She then said “you can buy the trash can” since we needed a new one. I thought what is she an idiot? I’m gonna spend WAY less money than her. Little did I know I was the idiot and she already did her trash can research.

When you first begin looking at trash cans to purchase, much like you know now, the prices are insane. It’s like looking at old authentic baseball cards and saying “who in the hell would pay this much for that”. I was blown away. It’s ridiculous. It’s a trash can. This trash can cost 75 dollars. With bags it’s 85 dollars. Let’s compare a microwave that costs 5 more dollars.

Microwave: warms food. Uses energy. Is literally using heat and energy to warm something. It can kill bacteria. If you get it hot enough it can kill covid bacteria I’m sure. You can get cancer if you just stand there staring at it long enough. 89 dollars for a microwave. Reasonable.

Now let’s think about a trash can.

You open it up and throw garbage in it. The end. 75 dollar? Not worth it.

It’s made of stainless Steele. That’s uh. Nice. I guess you can put magnets on it? It opens with a door step. That I guess cost 50 of the 75 dollars cause Idk what the hell else the engineering department of a trash can company would charge you. I am happy. But I damn well better be it cost less to make coffee in the morning every day for four years then it was to throw garbage in a silver square box with a lid. Guys. It’s 2020. Don’t charge us 75 dollars for a trash can.

If you’re wealthy or you simply want to please your spouse then buy this. It’s fancy. It’s worth about 30 dollars. The rest of the money uh well. You’re out of luck. But you got a really decent trash can for 75 dollars! You can bring it up constantly just like I do. “Hey nice trash can huh? That cost 75 dollars”

I've seldom been so completely happy with a product. I picked this up to replace a faux stainless trashcan that was a much higher priced product, and am so happy with this after three weeks that I just ordered a second one to replace our recycle can.

First, the finish is perfect. It matches beautifully with the rest of the stainless in my kitchen, but the finish doesn't pick up fingerprints and cleans up easily with my plain old kitchen cleaner. It doesn't appear to scratch, either, unlike my previous higher-priced can.

The opening mechanism works smoothly from a foot pedal, and doesn't slam closed - it's perfectly soundless.

And best of all, as you can see from the picture, the trash bag is easy to get in, stays put even when full, and the bag doesn't impede the operation of the lid. I can fill the bag all the way to the top and still get the bag in and out easily. I'm also very, very pleased with the black plastic top. It's nice looking, and doesn't scratch up like the stainless lid on my previous can.

The only con with this can is that there's not a removable plastic liner, so cleaning is not quite effortless. If you've got people in your house who dump trash in the can without replacing the trashbag, cleaning the inside requires handling the entire can.
THIS IS A SHORT trashcan... which is exactly what we wanted to fit under our counter. It fits normal 13 gallon grocery store brand bags, BUT it can interfere with the mechanism that closes the trashcan. It's such a scam when they force you to buy their bags, which are 3x the cost of store brand bags. I also liked that this one had a plastic top- we had a metal top trashcan for a week and all the food and handprints from my kids made it look worse than this one does. Good wide opening too.
It looks nice. Opening is a breeze with the step feature but when you put the bag in it blocks the mechanism that allows the lid to close, so you have to push the lid back down. Defeats the purpose. I’m using Glad bags with a Glad can, so you would think they’d be compatible. It’s also tricky to get the bags in and out whether you use the metal bars (they get in the way) or lift the rim (makes the automatic closing issue worse). Definitely a design flaw and I expected much better from and $80+ garbage can.
It is hard to swallow the idea that a kitchen trash can can cost about $80 but I researched and thought about it, and chose this kitchen trash can. It checked all of the boxes...13 gal? Check. Stainless Steel and attractive? Check. Wide top opening? Check. Easy step to open? Check. Lastly, the top stays open if you need it to? Yeppers.

It is a nice bonus feature that you can put the bags in a built-in bag container attached to the back. It doesn't stand out and looks like it belongs there. I don't put too many bags in it (i.e. I'm not using it like it was made for -- , but it works fine for me and it's roomier than I expected). The husband and kids still don't put a new bag in (just like the dang toilet paper), but at least it makes it more convenient for me.

The one thing I wish it had is a liner. I like a plastic liner that I can lift out for easy cleaning. I have my reservations of how sturdy this trash can is with use (even though I have no young kids at home). I will give an update if it doesn't last. Another comment...the way the bag is held open inside by 2 metal handle-type things is different, but so far they've been holding the bags better than I thought they would.

Although I have sticker shock, overall this seems like a good value compared to other similar cans out there.

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