Hand Forged Meat Cleaver 6.3 Inch Kitchen Chef Knife with Leather Sheath and Gift Box Outdoor Butcher Knife Hammered Chopp...

Hand Forged Meat Cleaver 6.3 Inch Kitchen Chef Knife with Leather Sheath and Gift Box Outdoor Butcher Knife Hammered Chopp...

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First, understand that this is not stainless steel. It must be hand washed and dried.

I have a rule. If it can't go through my dishwasher, it gets kicked off the island. I made exception this time and I do not regret it.

This knife arrived paper slitting sharp. I expected to finish it myself but no, it was hella sharp. The handle is pretty wood and a decent fit. I did take some super fine sandpaper and polish some of it out but that's because I like to play with knives. Overall the fit and finish was 95%.

Keep in mind this is a thirty dollar knife. It is easy to sharpen and easy to dull. If you use the knife much you will sharpen it a lot. I bought one design and then ordered three of the other design as gifts. The leather scabbards are good quality.

This knife has good weight and a thick blade. As mentioned in the title it is razor sharp (watch those fingers). I would recommend this knife, it is great for slicing and dicing and will satisfy of your culinary desires.
I've had this for a couple of months now. I'm not a former green beret/survivalist. Not a 4 star classically trained chef. I'm a guy who watches Forged in Fire and has picked up a few tips. I'm a guy who buys a hunk of meat from Costco and steaks it up to Dave a few bucks. Prone to grab a box of Tips for the grill. Cuts up a whole chicken every so often. This is what I needed.

This thing is a beast. Sharp out the box. Respect it or you will get cut. Holds an edge pretty good.

Downside is that the handle is for a 12year olds hands. I wear an XL glove. Daughter left it in the sink and didn't wipe it. The black started fading and showed oxidation at the handle/blade junction.

Still I'm happy with it. Goes thru rib tips like butter and peels silver skin easy.

Q seasons here so ima get my brother and cousin one
I recommend this knife for cutting meats. Slices through bone like it's not there. Good weight. Make sure you don't get a stray finger in the way. VERY sharp. Kind of thick to be cutting veggies. Still works fine though for both. Just a preference for me. Again. I recommend this knife.
I dont know about the coating but I've had this 5hing for less than 2 months and hasn't left the kitchen and already has rust beginning.
I have ordered several knives from Amazon but this has been by far the highest quality blade and sheath. The knife is extremely sharp, the metal appears to be of high quality (it's holding a good edge so far), and the leather sheath is very well made. Since this is a chopper it is pretty heavy so it is not good for precision work because of its size, but it works great for meat and coarse veggie chopping.
Smaller than I expected, but superceded my expectations. I can use this for any occasion, kitchen, butchering, survival. I'll do some modifications to it down the road. Smooth out some of the "scale".
Very satisfied with this knife however it was not razor sharp out of the box but once-over with a honing stick fixed that right up. the only real issue is that the leather strap ment to hold it in its sheath is a little short

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