Butcher Knife Hand Forged Boning Knives with Sheath and Gift Box Fillet Meat Cleaver Knives Full Tang Kitchen Chef Knife f...

Butcher Knife Hand Forged Boning Knives with Sheath and Gift Box Fillet Meat Cleaver Knives Full Tang Kitchen Chef Knife f...

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This baby is a beast! I recieved mine just yesterday. I was at complete Wow with this knife. It's exactly made and designed like I had hoped it to be. The knife and handle are made on one sheet of metal so no worries about it falling apart.

The grip on this baby makes you not want to put it down. Simply the most comfy knife I've ever picked up.

When I opened it the first thing I did was grab the packaging and slice right through it like butter.

My only complaint was the shipping method. It was shipped via USPS so I had a delay in receiving it dispite being a prime member. I didn't reflect my disappointment in the review of the product. But I wish the shipper would not have used USPS.

From tang to tip this is one robust piece of beautifully shaped steel. The sweeping S-curve along the spine makes for close control over the blade, and the sweeping convex curve of the blade itself means the edge is always engaged in a shearing cut, regardless of the angle of attack. The rosewood handle is well mounted with two sturdy brass rivets. I reground the edge, eliminating the secondary bevel to create a more acute cutting angle, and then honed it to genuine razor sharpness. Finally I wrapped the handle with a ribbon of lamb skin, which gives me a slip-free grip and fine control. I use this knife for skiving (thinning) leather, a tough job it performs with ease and precision. The carbon steel blade takes and holds its sharpness and requires less honing and stropping than stainless blades. I’ve paid a lot more for knives that do a lot less. This knife would also be a great addition to well-equipped kitchen or camping pack. Get two.
Arrived in good condition with sheath. Sharp and super cool. Please read the instruction carefully, it is made of steel, can rust easily, you have to keep it dry after use and even season it with any Type of oil. I will update my review after 6 months if still sharp and cool I might upgrade it. Overall with this budget, it is super cool and I do recommend it if you are a fan of Taste life and the Almazan guys who cook in nature:)
- cheap
- works for chopping veggies for salads outdoor
- has a sheath
- comes sharp
- 5mm thick, not easy to abuse

- the steel is soft, I easily scratch it by Opinel carbon. But it is reasonably hard to keep the edge and make re-honing easy
- comes with ~25 degrees edge. I re-sharpened it to 17 degrees to allow for angling mistakes when using a rod hone
- blade grind is hollow, which has no reason here except for aesthetics. Chopping, which was the main reason why I bought this knife, would go easier if the grind is either full convex or full flat.
- the 'forging' traces are actually imitation made by a set of puncheons. Nice anyway but not practical.

Overall, the knife is excellent for the money.
 I bought this for myself not my husband and man was he jealous! I love making beef jerky from brisket but it's always difficult to cut it in precise slices that I like without going to a butcher. Because of covid the butter wasn't doing special slicing. (Ugh I know). I got this and Holy shmoly. It cut through the brisket like butter. I cut the brisket into 3rds. Cooked 1/3 for Christmas froze 1/3 and made beef jerky from the last. I showed my brother who is an avid hunter and fisherman and he bought a couple of then. Seriously amazing.
my knife came in a very nice presentation box with a nice leather sheath. The blade is just shy of 6 and three quarters of an inch in length ,,,i am loving it,,,it came razor sharp and it is not stainless steel ,,,i did the quick magnet trick on it,Yes i would buy it again ....for the price its a great knife ....not light and not flimsy ...i gave it an overall rating of 4 stars because one of the wood handles was slightly loose...thats it.
FIRST cut and the blade tip chipped, on a plastic cutting board. Thought I was getting a deal, wish I had read the other reviews. Very cheap and purely for looks. Submitted for a refund, not a replacement.
This knife has a good amount of weight to it and the sharp blade makes it easy to slice any meat or fruit in my kitchen. I was even able to easily fillet the salmon in the picture. I like that there is a hole for my index finger to rest while I slice. It comes with a leather sheath that you can wear on a belt.

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