Amazon Basics High-Back Chair Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover

Amazon Basics High-Back Chair Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover

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Amazon Basics outdoor furniture covers are the best value to be found. I started buying them last year. First bought the love seat and two chairs. Very high quality and with the fasteners secured lasted through many storms and wind. Next I purchased the recliner cover and the cover for a table with four chairs. They were great. Kept everything clean and dry all winter- and we had the wettest winter on record in the Pacific Northwest. I just bought covers for four more chairs. They are the best! I've had many others that got crisp, cracked, ripped, etc. These are tough! Am VERY satisfied.

Yes, you read that right - an F-2 tornado hit my house with significant damage to my house and neighborhood. The 130 MPH winds and rain swirling around my home moved the furniture in all different directions however, it was clean and dry!!! Now if the tornado had picked up the furniture I expect there would have been a different result.

I love these covers. They fit perfectly and the straps on each corner keep the covers in place. I had 2 significant rain storms in addition to the tornado and the rain did not pool on the covers and the cushions were dry each time. I read a few reviews that they last about a year before they start to break down. If that is the case, the cost is low enough I would buy them again.
I live in a hot climate, which can be hard on covers. This covers my chairs on my patio when they're not in use, and the patio gets morning sun. So far so good. They have not discolored, either--although mine are not exposed to much rain, which could make a difference in its appearance.

A friend liked mine so much that she had me order two for her.
I bought these covers after I had tried some vinyl ones (that were as much as these). The vinyl one ripped apart when I tried to remove them last spring. I was not sure about these, but they looked good. So far, they are holding up well. I used them on my chairs hat of not have the four leg shown in the photos. Rather they have round rocker bases. Yet, they fit OK. These covers have four clip loops that fit around the legs as shown in the photos. They also have a skirt with a draw cord. I used that on my chairs. So far, they have not blown off and look well.

These are heavy canvas covers. They also have a vent window that can be used to allow air to flow from under the covers.

All in all,, I am pleased with the quality of these covers. While we'll see what happens come next spring, I have little doubt that these will hold up for many years.
Very happy with the Amazon Basics High-Back Chair Patio Cover. After carefully checking the dimensions, I realized that the High-Back Chair Cover would fit over my 4 Aluminum, Stacked, Sling Back Chairs. I was right -- despite the description, it fit better than the Stackable Chair cover, which was too large for my set. I especially like the Velcro 'tie-downs' on each corner. All the Amazon Basics covers are well made and offered at a reasonable price.
Amazing quality. Added photos of my 18mo old covers, now going into to their 2nd hot summer (and beyond) straps still secure and intact. No tears or holes. I couldn’t find an A.B. product to fit my large high-back sofa so I had to go with the (namebrand expensive) DUCK cover as it was the only one that would fit. If you look at my pictures you’ll see the black duct tape all over the DUCK cover...huge waste of money. That sucker started tearing two months after I got it. Just goes to show you that Amazon Basics are the smart way to go on a lot of products!
I loved this chair cover - initially. Loved it! But just went to remove it and it tore like thin paper in my hands. The material just tore completely off the chair. Used about 8 months. We do have hot summers here but I expected it to last outside as advertised. To finish getting it off the chair, I just had to rip sections with my bare hands. I am recovering from surgery from a broken arm and still in PT. It was that paper like. Just tore right off. Not recommended to last outdoors in a warmer climate.
I am very happy with these. I have 4. 2 on 6 armchairs and I use one for my high back bar stools side by side. 2 Pair. The canvas is heavy and waterproof. They all have a pocket on the right side facing the chair which helps you to know which way they go. They last about 2 seasons in the full sun which is about as good as any material will do. I like the full line of Amazon Basics covers. I have the loveseat cover, umbrella cover, and corner chaise. I use the air conditioner cover on my fire table and ottomans.
Having refurbished my cast iron and teak garden chairs, I wished to protect them over winter from the weather and bird droppings (under a large tree). The dimensions were not exactly the same as my chairs, but the secure fittings around the legs and the ability to tighten around the base have kept the covers secure during bad weather and high winds. Extremely good value foe money. If these are "basic", love to see the quality of the better product as these are strong and good quality material. Recommended.
We have tried numerous covers before and been disappointed with the quality. This cover is from a different planet. The quality is great the seams are properly welded and the material is very strong. These have been in place since October and they are still perfect and look great. I will be buying some more for next winter. Highly recommend.
I am delighted with this cover. I wanted a decent one that would last and this is certainly nice and strong. I wasn't sure about the size as my chair is not highbacked but this is perfectly OK on it, just tighten up the drawstring around the base to keep it secure when windy.
Very happy with this chair cover, we have 4 metal monty Carlo garden chairs that are a little wider than most and struggled to find anything suitable, so very pleased to find it will cover the stacked chairs with a few inches to spare, i should also say the material is very strong with a air vent, it may be a Amazon basic but it’s well made and reasonably priced
The fit tends to be the key issue when buying these type of covers - so we came away very pleased. Very good looking, too, does not come across as a basics/essential buy, but as something more luxurious. Very pleased.

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