Amazon Basics Felt Furniture Pads, Beige and Brown, 133 pcs

Amazon Basics Felt Furniture Pads, Beige and Brown, 133 pcs

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The size said 2" and I thought the assortment would at least have 2" sizes. Most of the round ones were dime and quarter sizes. Not what I was looking for. I ended up using the square ones and cut them to the 2" sizes that I needed for couches and cabinets. I could have ordered other brands that really had 2" pads without having to do the extra work, or without the smaller sizes that I will never use. Could have returned but I needed to get the task done and not worth driving to Kohl's or UPS to return.

The description is wrong. The title said 2", the size selection said 1" and the details/product description said 1". Thankfully I should still be able to use 2" but the sizing is completely wrong. They are a nice thickness though. Hopefully this works.
Make sure you clean the surface your sticking to it very well. We used these on our kitchen chairs/ highchair. Since we put down a new floor we didn’t want them possibly scratching it. Either a fluke or didn’t clean it well the first time but some came off one chair easily, but stayed after the second cleaning. Just put them on so can’t say how well they’ll hold up. For the price it’s a good temporary use until we research better ones, and it comes with a decent amount to replace them if they come off.
See them? Me either. :) Works great to protect the floor. They aren't made for sliding. But definitely serve their purpose. They're also quite inexpensive so they were a win, win.
OMG thank you! I have a giant ottoman with big wooden feet that would always slide on my carpet when I put my feet on it. This instantly stopped that lol. I am SO happy.
I am actually using these under my audio amplifier. They actually replaced some DIY circle pads that I had made out of shoe inserts that I had available, after replacing the original inserts with Dr Scholl's aftermarket inserts in my shoes...These Amazon pads seem to work better for my purpose. The shoe insert pads would compress flat with the weight of the amplifier. These are a little sturdier, and are able to hold the weight of the amplifier a little better. Another advantage is they will stick to the bottom of the feet of the amplifier, making it easier to position the amplifier with in the shelf. Both help with vibrations these Amazon ones seem to work a little better.
I have a Zinus metal bedframe with a memory foam mattress on top with no headboard. The bed is lightweight and kept sliding away from the wall.

I purchased these and cut them to fit the bottom corners of the frame. I did need a sturdy pair of scissors to cut. They adhered very well. I had to reposition one of the pads a few times to get in the right place, and had no problem. They are a good thickness and are not noticeable at all.

The bed has not moved at all since I added these Amazon Basics Rubber Furniture Pads!
I like the set a lot. Fast shipping and plenty of pieces. I used the cabinet bumpers in the set and although there is still some noise it's so much better than the old ones on my cabinets. I I haven't used many felt pieces yet. I did use a few on a sign I made for my front door. I wanted to prevent damage to my door from the welcome sign. They adhered really well and are nice and thick. I'm happy with my purchase!
These are ok, but very thin. I had to put a couple of them together to make them work. The adhesive isn't strong, and isn't designed to be movable, so it only sticks once - you can't really keep repositioning it. The rubber is not very sticky, so it doesn't stop furniture from moving on a smooth floor, but does slow it down.
Got this for the sofa they are like a rubbery feeling the squash right down picture attached happy enough with the purchase
Fit great and exactly as they should under my Setee legs and perfect size. They seem great value. I can’t comment on the quality as of yet, as I only just received them today and used for a day. Amazon delivery was excellent and quick.
Non slip, with good adhesion and a versatile size. They are thick enough to provide good scratch free protection for furniture, keeping surfaces apart.
The product was excellent but amazon sent a small jiffy bag inside a large cardboard box! A huge amount of wasted cardboard for no reason!

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