Novogratz Bushwick Metal Bed with Headboard and Footboard | Modern Design | Queen Size - White

Novogratz Bushwick Metal Bed with Headboard and Footboard | Modern Design | Queen Size - White

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This bed said 4-5 day delivery. Came in exactly a week. I like putting things together but putting this bed together was a breeze as long as you realize on Step 6-7 read carefully as there is different instructions for different height. My bed came scuffed in 4 different spots out the box . Slightly annoyed but I will fix that by covering it with a throw. My husband said it looks like a teenage bed frame from the 90's. I was going for the minimalist clean and simple look but hey. Over all it is sturdy for now.

Update 1/29/2019

This bedframe was purchased 2/18/2018 and it is now BROKEN. 2 140lb adults sleeping on it for a year and occasionally a 2 year old come snuggles with us and the legs in the middle from the top,center and bottom are all leaning. Eventually it broke and my 2 year old handed me a leg from the middle that was bent. I secured everything tight in installation and retighten when screws fell out. for a new bed frame as we speak.

My screws have fell out the base of the frame. I’ve had it for about 3 months. I can’t have sex it caves in and squeaks something awful. I broke my toe on the metal bed frame because it got stuck in between my mattress and the frame. This bed is just a pain in the butt. And I do not recommend this product.
When I first bought this bedframe I wasn't super hyped about the visible and poorly done (in my opinion) welding but I put that aside because overall, it was very pretty. Seemed sturdy but I did have to tighten things up about a month in (as in nuts about to completely twist loose) Now I recieved and put it together May 25th, 2018 and I am writing this review on September 11th. As you can see the frame by the headboard is super bent and the middle beam is bowing downwards in the center

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