Amazon Basics Easy Care Super Soft Microfiber Kid's Bed-in-a-Bag Bedding Set - Twin, Purple Unicorns

Amazon Basics Easy Care Super Soft Microfiber Kid's Bed-in-a-Bag Bedding Set - Twin, Purple Unicorns

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I loved this sheet set!!! It came in a nice bag that I can use to put the sheets back. The material of the sheet set and comforter is very nice. The comforter itself is not very heavy, but still provides enough warmth so it’s great for spring, summer, and fall weather! You might need another blanket if you have no heating in the winter. The pattern is also very attractive. I’m a grown women who wanted a deal on a sheet set (the kids one was cheaper than the adult one) and this purple pattern is very mature and gorgeous.

Amazon what the heck!!! This is terrible quality!!
I’ve had these sheets for two months, I barely got them in June. This is the third wash, I followed the exact instructions on the sheets. It’s very humid where I live and I often sweat a lot at night so I have to wash everything, including the comforter quite frequently. After the second wash I noticed a small tear on the bottom but I needed to wash the sheets so I took extra care and used only gentle cycles. I’m so disappointed these beautiful sheets got destroyed like this! VERY disappointed in Amazon too!! I usually love shopping their personal Amazon basics brand. >:(

I have no idea what happened, but this beautiful comforter set was ruined when I took it out of the dryer on it’s first wash. I used the same setting as I use for my comforter, normal and automatic dry low heat (tag says tumble dry low, that’s basically what I did). I can’t explain it but it’s like the batting inside melted together. It became sandwiched paper thin and rock solid. The material on the outside of the messed up batting became horribly wrinkled too, as shown in the photo. This only happened to 3 of the corners, the rest of the blanket was the lovely soft fluffy blanket I was expecting. I am so so so disappointed and so is my daughter. I ordered it so long ago, lost all packaging, and already washed it so I guess I can’t return it (plus it would break my daughters heart). What I did was sort of roughly rub the crunchy parts together really hard and fast, and take my fingers and pinch the batting open all over. It still doesn’t feel soft and fluffy like the rest of the blanket, it’s still flattened and not at all soft, but it’s usable until I can convince my daughter another unicorn comforter will be even nicer. Can’t believe amazon basics would put something out this worthless.
My 9 year old is absolutely obsessed with unicorns and has been begging for a bedding set .. and after reading the reviews we purchased this set. It arrived today so I washed and dried the set on delicate , the sheets and comforter are soft but the sheets are extreamly thin and I do not think the comforter will hold up very well over time .. for $34 I feel like it's over priced for the quality you can get better quality from walmarts $20 bed in a bag .. unfortunately no cute unicorns ... will update in a few months .. hopeing it lasts because my daughter was extremely excited to receive it .. and it is really cute and perfect for any unicorn lovers room
6 month update: comforter still nice but sheets and pillow case fell aprt in wash after 4 washes
This product seems to be very nice. I purchased it as a birthday gift for my daughter. I think she will be very excited and happy with it. HOWEVER, I wish they would make the sheets visible from the outside of the package. As it came to me, I panicked because I couldn't see them and felt inside and they didn't seem to be there. I then proceeded to pull the comforter out of the package because this is a gift and I wanted it to be right. After unfolding everything I found the sheets and pillowcase tucked inside the comforter. The problem now is that I cannot for the life of me refold/roll this product tightly enough to get it back in the original, which is incredibly frustrating since it is a gift. If I was going to use them myself it wouldn't be a big deal but now wrapping is going to much more difficult.
Very satisfied with this purchase. Needed something to brighten up and add feminie touch to this green colored room. To my surprise, this comforter was the perfect match with the green wall. It brought the pinks and blues and balanced out the greenish tone of the entire room.

I have washed this bedding twice already and it's still holding up well. It is a very lightweight comforter though so just keep that in mine. More like a summer comforter
I ordered 2 different brand new bed in bags of same listing. The one on the left is how one came out of the box. The one on the right is how this one came out of the box. It was actually packaged in two boxes but was bursting out of the inner box. So when I cut the outer box open I actually came close to cutting the comforter. Obvious it was a return or an open package. I have yet to be able to see if there is anything wrong with it however it feels nice and is a pretty pattern. So mixed review due to shipping and the fact it was opened before I received.
I was browsing for a pretty bed in a bag set that would look cute in my bedroom. I stumbled upon this page here, and fell in love with the Pink Flowers set. I liked that it didn't look childish, and would work great in an adult's bedroom.

I am giving this 4 out of 5 stars for a few reasons. First, the colors online are a tiny bit more vibrant than in person. Second reason why is because the sheets are on the thin side. This definitely isn't something for winter use unless you have multiple sheets on your bed. This I think would be great during the spring through fall months.

I have washed, and dried these, as well as slept on them. The sheets felt scratchy at first, but went away after washing. I so far am in love with these and love how they look on my bed! So far the quality seems good, I'd compare it to big box store quality.

I have no complaints, and I am very pleased with my purchase!
Bought this for my daughter. The colors and designs are beautiful. However I was quite dissatisfied/disappointed with the quality, I expected alot better quality from Amazon basics brand. Sheets felt cheap and comforter wasn't fluffy and comfy. Only reason am keeping it is because my daughter absolutely loves the design and colors.
6 mints update:
Sheets and comforter have held up pretty good. Colors are still radiant and sheets have not faded nor are they worn out like I had thought they would. Am impressed at how well they have held up so far. Will add one more star for durability.
Bought this for my daughter for her 6th birthday. Ordered early because it was super cheap and I was super wary of some of the reviews. Wanted time to wash, inspect, and return if necessary.
Absolutely not necessary.
Arrived super fast. Packed nicely in a little roll. Smelt a bit like a factory upon removing but hey - that can be fixed.
Washed it. Dried it. Inspected seams. Smell test. Perfect. Freaking amazing.
Set up my daughters bed 15 days before her birthday because I loved her new bedding SO much, I couldn't keep it a secret. She came home from school and LOST IT! ABSOLUTELY ADORES IT! 100% recommend. Buying sets for my boys next!
This isn't the fanciest bedding I've ever seen, but it's pretty, and certainly affordable. I wanted unicorn bedding that wasn't too flashy and didn't break the bank, and this fit the bill. The comforter is pretty basic, and not very puffy and the sheets are somewhat thin, but they look great and my daughter is beyond happy with her new bedding.
Me (to my 3year old daughter): what kind of new bedding do you want for your new room?

Cue Amazon hunt for rainbow bedding. She loved the look of this. It’s great, but I prefer sheets and pillowcases that have more of a cottony feel. These ones are soft but feel like they have synthetic fibre in them. I would hate sleeping in them if it were me, but she’s happy! Very vibrant colour and I love the rainbow heart sheets.

Bought 3 sets in different patterns and I am pleasantly surprised by the quality. They look great are soft, did not come with weird smells and washed well.

Cozy and affordable

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