Utopia Bedding Comforter Duvet Insert - Quilted Comforter with Corner Tabs - Box Stitched Down Alternative Comforter (King...

Utopia Bedding Comforter Duvet Insert - Quilted Comforter with Corner Tabs - Box Stitched Down Alternative Comforter (King...

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This blanket is awesome! I almost didnt buy it because of that one chicks review where she showed the chapstick next to it and said it was really thin and dollar store quality.. That is not true! You should deffinalty wash it once you get it i mean it has been vacummed sealed of course it will be a little flat at first. I was worried about washing it because others said the quality was bad so it was falling apart. Mine did not do that and i have an old crappy washing machine that rips everything up so i put it on gentle cold.. Washed just fine and then i did the low heat setting... My blanket came out so fluffy!! My boyfriend loves it and so do i! For 33$ for a king size blanket of this quality you cannot beat. Would highly recommend. And its warm it makes my bed feel so plush. Btw the one pic i have it bunched up on the sides cause i like to lay in it and pretend im in a cloud, the other pick is to show its as thick as a chapstick with its soft fluff.

For the past couple years my girlfriend and I have gone through a few cheap comforters. We never really gave much thought to them and subsequently they never impressed us. I grew up using a down comforter and have very fond memories of that blanket. The comfort and warmth was something that I hadn't experienced since I had moved out and gotten my own comforter. So this has been in the back of my mind ever since but I wasn't sure if I wanted to dish out that kind of money for a blanket and also deal with the hassle of dry cleaning it. Also by purchasing a down blanket we'd be supporting an industry in which the down feathers from geese are taken from them and that's not something we personally wanted to support. So for all those reason we started looking into down alternative. The first thing that made me question these products was the price, they seem TOO cheap. I was raised with the mantra, "you get what you pay for" and with that in mind I was quite weary when looking at these products. I always make sure to compare many different products and read through the reviews, both good and bad before I buy something. I decided to take a chance on this particular one as it seemed to be the highest rated by customers and I liked what I saw in the images provided by said customer. If anything, the price was low enough that I wasn't too worried if I didn't end up liking it.

Now I wasn't actually home when it arrived but my girlfriend confirmed that it was very flat right out of the package, as was expected. By the time I got home 2-3 hours later it appeared to be fully fluffed. The material it is made of is very soft and comfortable on your skin and I was pleasantly surprised with the thickness/fluffyness. It is a fairly light blanket, similar to a down blanket I suppose in that regard. So far I have only slept with it one night but it did a great job of keeping me warm. I live in Wisconsin and the temperatures this week have been ranging from -10 over night to single digits during the day. I had been using 2 blankets prior to getting this one and sometimes I would still wake up in the night feeling cold. But so far with this blanket alone I have stayed warm which again was a pleasant surprise.

I do have to say that this doesn't remind me a whole lot of my down blanket and I think that may have to do with the material used in the shell. And you're not going to be 100% able to recreate a down blanket not using down. So if you are looking for something that feels exactly like down and won't be satisfied otherwise, this might not be for you. However, if you are looking for a good quality, warm, fluffy and affordable priced blanket that will give you that "cloud" like feeling, I think you would be really happy with this blanket.

Again this is my opinion from using it for one night, I can not comment on the durability or longevity of this blanket, but I am hoping that it holds up over time.

**also our cats immediately fell in love with it, it is their new favorite spot to nap.
Covered in black mold from a vacuum sealed bag so it must have been packaged when wet, but this is absolutely disgusting
I wish I could write a positive review about this. The few days I managed to have it on my bed, it was a very comfortable product. After seeing some of the negative reviews about washing it, I was skeptical about how the people washed it and was sure to explicitly follow the care instructions. Came home to a washer full of fluff. So disappointed - would not recommend.
I was a little hesitant to buy this comforter because it looked thin in the pictures. My bedroom is a bit colder than the other rooms in my house so I need the extra warmth. Although thinner than my previous comforter, this thing is like a furnace. Ive been keeping the heat at a lower temperature because there have been nights where I was sweating. I'm certainly not complaining if it saves me money on my bills! Worth noting that I have a duvet cover on it so that could be what's really helping it retain heat.

As a side note, Utopia Bedding has excellent customer service. I had received my first one and washed it as per the instructions. The comforter got destroyed in the wash so I reached out to them. Wthout asking any questions they sent me a second one free of charge. I certainly won't try washing it myself again and would recommend dry cleaning.
This comforter is so super soft and fluffy! I absolutely love it. I hate getting out of my bed now! I want to spend all day wrapped in this terrifically soft comforter. It's absolutely perfect. Has tiny tabs on each corner to keep in place inside of a duvet.

*Update- The comforter tore open when I washed it! It's almost as if the outer material disintegrated. It was such a wonderful comforter before that. I'm really upset that this happened, but I dont want to waste my money to buy a replacement that I won't be able to wash at home. I've never had this happen before.
I’m disgusted! I just received the package and although it seems to be new and in a vacuum sealed plastic bag, there are several bugs that look like maybe mosquitoes that are sealed with the comforter.
I didn't want to break my bank when I got a new bed set but I was worried that buying the cheaper product would result in less comfort. I was wrong! this cloud-like duvet is sooo comfortable and soft. It is light and heavy at the same time in that you feel that sense of security that a blanket gives you, but it doesn't make you wish you were dead in the summer time.
I slept with my windows open on a -32 night and didn't feel the cold at all. Very warm blanket!!!! It's not overly thick but it keeps the heat in for sure!!! It's not super high quality but diffiantly a sweet find and worth the price. I love it and would purchase again!!!
I read the reviews and the negative reviews worries me a lot. So I was VERY PLEASED when I received this today. It came absolutely clean (unlike what some reviews stated), new I’m the package. It is light and fluffy enough for the cost. I think some people just like to whine because you cannot expect a $400 quality duvet from one that costs this little. For the price, this is an EXCEPTIONAL duvet that will do for a year or two
I love that it's cruelty free (no feathers), it's very soft, very squishy, very warm, and I love the price. I bought King size so that it can drape over my bed and I bought a decorative duvet cover. My bed looks beautiful now. Amazon, in general has been the best place to buy my bed stuff. Everything I've bought this year in bedding, including my bed itself, is quality and affordable.
Bought last minute - wasn't expecting very much but turned out very impressed!
Light weight enough to not feel like your being smothered but it has a good 'Poof' to make you feel like you are sleeping under a cloud!
Came in a air-sealed bag so it was nice and small and I didn't have to drive to the post box to retrieve it.

Only thing I would say is if you are a 'cold' sleeper this might be a little light weight for you. My husband and I run hot so it's not an issue, but sleeping alone or if you run really cold this might not be the best fit.
I do not know if it is a return or used, but I was freaked out when I open it and saw black dots inside. At first, I thought it was bed bug or stain, however they are black lints inside. I have to spend time pick all of them out. I usually buy Utopia for my rental unit, however I am really dissapointed at Utopia this time.

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