VASAGLE Velvet Sofa, Couch for Living Room, for Apartment, Small Space, Solid Wood Frame, Metal Legs, Easy Assembly, Mid-C...

VASAGLE Velvet Sofa, Couch for Living Room, for Apartment, Small Space, Solid Wood Frame, Metal Legs, Easy Assembly, Mid-C...

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Product is defective. The pieces are not aligned correctly and will not fit together making it completely unusable. I was sent a return shipping label for which I was being charged $300 to return ship. This is completely unacceptable. Do not purchase.

It was very easy to assemble. The couch is firm but not hard. It’s also pretty easy to bring in my house since it’s not that heavy.
im not in love with it but ill settle temporarily until i can find a replacement. and wow, unfinished back. (cringe) ...ok. this couch looks fine in the photo, as far as the fabric goes but the color in real life just.... something is off. its comfy ENOUGH and comfy-ER than the rock hard chairs i had. ill give it that. also, either in shipping or in prep, the corner got torn a little. not noticeable unless its pointed out but COME on. : (

luckily the assembly was easy and break down will be too.
I recently moved to a third floor apartment. There was no way my old couch would fit up the stairs (let alone into the door!) It was too wide, too heavy and to be perfectly honest, ugly as sin. So I ordered this bad boy- NICE! Firm, but comfy, super easy to assemble. Sturdy as all get out and darn fine looking, if I do say so! Not to mention, the identical seating space as my old one, but without the uncomfortable back and armrest shape and 90's sitcom furniture pattern and it ships flat, so getting it up the stairs and into the door was a cinch. I HIGHLY recommend this couch!
I'm very happy with this couch especially for the price. It's comfortable, a little on the hard side, but that makes it easier to get up. I have a small living room and this couch is the perfect size. It arrived almost 2 weeks early and was set up in no time. I will update my review if it doesn't hold up overtime.

Ya know, for the price this was a fantastic buy! It has a firm pad- but is a single pad on the seat- so you don’t slip between cushions. There are not hard spots. Although the pictures shows a finished fabric, the back is not a velvet finish like the rest. That would be my only complaint, but still for the price- it’s awesome.
It’s absolutely the flyest looking couch I’ve seen in a while which is why I got it and it was affordable! But the price says it all its not sturdy & the Company shipped me a return order it’s already torn at the bottom. I don’t expect it to last over a year but nice to look at

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