Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Learning Kitchen Interactive Pretend Play Set [Amazon Exclusive]

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Learning Kitchen Interactive Pretend Play Set [Amazon Exclusive]

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Bought this for my 18 mo old and it was definitely age-appropriate and I’m sure he would have loved it. However, the oven wouldn’t stay closed. I don’t know if this is a problem with the design or if we just got a dud. We’d close it and it would either immediately fall open or after about 10 seconds. The stickers on it were also kind of wonky in places where you can tell they weren’t placed right and had to be smoothed down and consequently wrinkled. Not a deal-breaker, but unattractive. Lastly, the design is kind of weird. The fridge part of it closes to the back of the oven. So when you’re playing with it you kind of have to do so from the side so you can open and close the fridge. Otherwise, you can just leave it open, but then you have to go around the toy to access the features “inside” the fridge. Just kind of a weird design choice in my opinion. Otherwise it’s pretty cute. I’m returning ours because the oven door issue is really annoying since it makes an animated noise every time it opens.

Maybe Fisher Price is listening to consumer complaints because this toy functioned PERFECTLY while testing: the voice and music played crisply, the stickers looked appropriate, the oven closes, and it is overall spotless and brand new. I think it’s always a good idea to check and see if everything is working and new though, especially since the default shipping option is directly in the manufacture’s packaging. I was concerned since I didn’t realize they would be sending a plastic toy out like this. Anyway, if you’re concerned with the look of the packaging (I am—it’s a gift) then make sure you choose the appropriate shipping option before checkout because you can’t change it once it’s ordered. All of the shipping barcodes and the little dent on the corner will just have to do when I give it, I guess.

Aside from that, I will admit I am really impressed with how interactive and adorable it is, so maybe the packaging won’t be as much of an issue once my nephew opens it. It seems like every little function has some kind of audio response—music or vocal (or you can just turn it off) and it’s kind of amazing how a little toy is sophisticated enough to detect these movements, from flipping the vegetable pages, to taking things out of trays. Certainly, this toy is much more advanced than the toys I grew up with! I think it could perhaps be a little bit more sturdy, but it is plastic so that has to be considered. It is a bit small as people mentioned as well, but it will be the perfect size for a 1 year old, and if portability is a thing for you, it might be an advantage. Honestly, it’s so cute that the size kind of adds to its cuteness.

Anyway, I’m sure my nephew will be excited to receive this for his birthday. I know I would be thrilled if I were him! Heck, I was excited to play with it—and I’m 40!
The only reason I couldn't give this toy a full 5 stars was because I had to return the first one. I bought it for my son for Christmas and when we opened it the batteries were dead. Which, I get that they're only there for "demo purposes" but I didn't expect them to be completely dead. My son still wanted to play with it, but once we got the batteries replaced the sink made oven noises and sang songs about baking and the oven made sink noises and sang about washing your hands. I requested a new one and it was sent out that day and arrived today working just fine.
This was a total HIT! Fuels imagination and as she grows and learns, she’s more aware of what the stove and fridge actually do. The sounds are cute too, the boiling sound of the burner, the running water from faucet, the oven door sounds, the fridge light turns off and on, etc. I highly recommend this at a great price!
This is the second time I buy it because I didn’t think I was having another baby.. my toddler used to love it for years until we let it go.. so it is the first toy I looked up to buy back

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