Amazon Brand – Rivet Sloane Mid-Century Modern Sofa Couch, 79.9"W, Denim Blue

Amazon Brand – Rivet Sloane Mid-Century Modern Sofa Couch, 79.9"W, Denim Blue

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Ok so here’s the tea on this couch. This is a cute little love seat that was super east to assemble. I have partial hand function on one side, and I did this baby by myself (because I am impatient ) with zero issues. My son is autistic and a hot mess, there is no person better to truly test the wear and capabilities of furniture or my sanity. This couch has survived things I try to suppress deeply, and the upholstery is VERY durable. The terrifying poop smear, gone and out just like that. The yogurt or red sauce stains from tiny fingers. Easy to remove and still looks new . The couch is durable against my cat trying to shred it, and it still looks new. The couch is also sturdy in the fact that if you finally get adult “alone time “ . It’s very supportive of your life choices . All in all, yes buy this Bomb ass little couch.

One week review: This is for our bedroom. The couch arrived less than a week after order, exactly on time, assembly took less than 10 minutes and I did it by myself. The color is as shown in the product pictures (light grey), the fabric is very soft and a sort of textured velvet feel. The cushions are perfect combo of firm and soft and can be pulled off, though I'm not really sure about cleaning the pieces separately - the guide says not to. You definitely can't flip the cushions, which is why I went ahead and purchased the SmartGuard insurance plan in case a stain appears that I can't deal with (we have kids and a dog), so I figure I'm covered. My dog threw up on the couch on night two (of course) and I was able to get it out perfectly, so I'm pretty impressed with the fabric. It's not waterproof exactly, but the cushion inside never got wet. All in all, we were looking at very similar couches for $1000+ from Article and Joybird, and I'm glad we went with this.
It takes an act of faith or stupidy to buy a sofa online. I do read every review available when buying larger items and they are most helpful.
I also double checked with an Amazon Rep. that in fact there were no shipping fees should I decide to return it.
Then I got tired of looking at the sofa over and over and just had to take a chance!
I’m so glad I did. I love everything about it. The color is better than I hoped, the fabric has a lovely texture and not snaggie in any way, feels great on bare skin. The mid- century style was a welcome change to my home.
I even ended up going back and getting the beige chair in the same style!!!
It’s a great lift in a Net Year!
I was initially thrilled and meant to write a raving review. I'm glad I waited a little bit. Just after a month in, the armrest on one side is warped. I am not quite sure how it even happened but it feels like its filled with cardboard or another super flimsy material and now one side looks awful. Keep in mind, this is after a month of not even daily use. I am concerned this couch won't even last a year at this rate!

I read reviews for months before settling on this purchase. I kept debating on if it was worth the extra money since the cheapo furniture was more in my price range but the quality would be a bigger gamble. This was middle of the road for price so I wasn't stretching my budget terribly but still didn't want to invest a ton for the space I was upgrading. I wish I just purchased something cheaper because this quality is lacking for the money. If you want quality I would suggest a higher price point.
i ordered this couch after buying the accent chair with the ottoman - both of those pieces are ridiculously comfortable, the cushions are both plush and firm, so you sort of sink into them but don’t drown in them, if that makes since.

so, loving the mid century modern look of the couch, and assuming that the cushions would have the same feel as the chair & ottoman, i ordered the larger couch, 85 inches i think. now, i do love this couch, it’s beautiful and brings my room together with the other pieces. BUT - the cushions are not as plush as the chair. they are definitely thinner and very firm. not uncomfortable, but not sink into comfortable. i wish they would have made the bottom cushions thicker and more plush like the chair & ottoman as it is advertised as all from the same line. not a bad couch and i really do like it, but it’s not a couch to lie down and fall asleep on. when i want a more cozy experience, i’m lounging in the chair.

the delivery was top notch (i’m in the seattle area), and it was super easy to put together - just screw in the legs and attach the back. i did it by myself while my husband was as work no problem.
I am pleasantly surprised! After visiting “countless” furniture stores for mid-century modern, we decided to give Amazon a try. The Rivet brand has exceeded my expectations with this luxurious Sloane design. Fits our mid-century modern vibe perfectly. I’m 6’2” and can almost completely stretch out on the couch which is very comfortable and wide enough for napping. The sofa and loveseat we bought are comfortably firm and I’m hoping they hold up for many years. My first reaction was that these are too nice for us. It’s a beautiful color that pulls out the warmth in our woodwork. Easy to put together in my opinion and I’m wondering why there’s no one posting images of the leather version of this furniture. Hence, one reason for my writing a review. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy and we will consider Amazon Rivet in the future.
Hey, I'm born in 1961 and I lived the era when people had this stuff around. This chair looks it, then, dig this... (That's talk from then meaning "listen up" for you techy crowd.), the dang thing is actually comfortable. I'm not small and I fit in it and can spread out. Right on!! oops, darn, another antiquated 70s term.... I better have my middle-schooler rewrite this before posting. Anyway, bought house, needed chair, on budget, whammo! Done! Dang "Whammo" is an old toy company, I did it again, oh no,... wait,... what's happening to me? I'm reliving my childhood by decorating my new front room, I’m trying to “be retro” when I actually am retro! I'm,... I'm... I’M JUST OLD!! To do this and be cool you really should be under 40 ... and that's the truth... thpppppppttt!""" -

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