Classic Brands 4.5-Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Replacement Mattress for Sleeper Sofa Bed Queen

Classic Brands 4.5-Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Replacement Mattress for Sleeper Sofa Bed Queen

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I originally wrote a review that was not favorable because upon receipt - I had a knee jerk reaction to how big the rolled mattress appeared (It hung over my bed) and I was worried that if I unrolled it and it truly did not fit -I would have to return it - and how I would manage that on my own - it was a bit heavy for me to drag up my stairs. However, after 16 hours of having it unwrapped and unrolled, i can see that it's snug but it does fit and the sofa bed folds back easily enough. I do not feel the bar when I lay down on it and am quite happy with it now. There is a slight plastic smell from the foam rubber - I'm hoping that will go away - I'm leaving the window open and the bed open so it can air out. Does anyone know how long it takes for that smell to go away? It took no time at all for the bed to decompress. And I could see that the extra material I thought made the mattress too large for my full size sofa bed was so it could expand upward. But without any instructions or a product description attached, one might not know this - I would suggest having a product description flyer that says, allow xx amount of time for it to expand, xx amount of time for the smell to dissipate and that the mattress material overage is for that expansion.

Other reviewers complained about smell, while some reviewers said that there was none. The product's instruction guide says there will be a modest smell that will bother someone with acute smelling ability, and this seems like a fair and accurate description to me (it's not just "new" smell like with a new car...but something less appealing for sure). We let the product air out for several days, with me rolling and sitting on it to help the foam cells release and take in new air, and it still has a slight "new" smell to it that is obviously diminishing over time... and it probably would have done so faster if we had opened it in a room with more air flow as the directions suggest (the mattress is way lighter--30 some pounds--than a regular depth, full-size matress and it can be folded more or less in half so I should have aired it out in the garage). With a mattress pad and nice smelling, clean sheets, I wouldn't think twice about letting a guest (or me) sleep on this if it's had just a few days to air out, but I wouldn't have wanted to sleep on it myself for the first couple of nights after delivery.

Regarding mattress size, it is *exactly* what the specifications say it is supposed to be and had poofed out to full size (including being 4.5" wide) within 24 hours despite the room being cool (instructions say it can take longer in cold conditions, but that wasn't the case). Given the comments of some of the older reviews, I am wondering if the company increased the box size at some point so that the mattress isn't so compressed initially.

Finally, regarding comfort, it's great. We have a new sofa sleeper, and we decided to replace the mattress before anyone slept on it as it was less comfortable than a fancy, full-size air mattress that we've used for some guests in the past. The foam mattress is a huge step up, and it had the bonus effect of making the new couch firmer, which is something we would have had to pay extra for. Besides having a nice bonus guest bed, we're going to have a couch that lasts a lot longer than would be the case with a traditional couch where the support springs stretch over time. Other reviewers said you can still feel the bars. Even though I weigh in at about 215 lbs, I can't unless I am purposefully digging in with my weight over the top of them. I could happily sleep on this mattress every night, and it is more comfortable than the traditional mattress we have on our bed.
I have an somewhat unusual situation in that I have a 50+ year old vintage couch that sorely needed a new mattress (as that was also 50 years old and horribly uncomfortable). This mattress fits perfectly on my couch, and folds up with only a very slight bulge. The mattress is pretty comfortable as well - I put a piece of plywood between it and the bar and couldn't feel the bar at all, and also could only slightly feel it without the plywood. Also, the mattress has no smell for me. Overall, can't thing of a thing I would change about this.
What a difference this mattress has made for sleeping on my pullout sofa! I had a bit of a long term guest using the original mattress that came on that sofa. I knew in my heart of hearts that there was no way they could truly be comfortable so once I located this gel memory foam mattress made specifically for a pullout sofa, I placed the order. It arrived about four days ahead of schedule. I replaced the mattress and waited. My guest reported to me the next morning that they'd slept much, much better! (They barely noticed the metal bar across the center of the bed.) I highly recommend this mattress!
VERY COMFORTABLE BUT DOES NOT SOLVE THE sofa sleeper bar issue. Can DEFINATELY feel the bar still... but the mattress itself is comfy. Currently we are using ON TOP of the mattress the sofa bed came with and it is just about the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. Our house-sitter said the same (10 nights). HOWEVER... of course cannot fold with both mattresses so still need to store the original mattress in the attic which is difficult. We are currently in a hold pattern for what we hope is a nice solid fold-up board to place under the new mattress to solve the bar issue. will update once all are together.....
Better than I expected. Excellent price.
After opening it was a bit thinner than advertised, so I was somewhat apprehensive.
However, it was rather comfortable and (at least for the short time I laid on it) I did not notice the cross bars, but that might also be a function of the quality of the sofa bed, which was rather expensive.
I had no issue with odor. There wasn't much and it was gone on less than an hour.

If I had it to do over again, I would buy it again.
Wow! Wasn’t really sure this would work better than the original flimsy mattress in my sofa bed but for the price I figured it was worth a shot. I’m 230lbs and can just barely feel 1 of the bars in the bed. If I adjust to a different position, I can’t feel the bars at all so I’m sure any company would find this quite comfortable. Collapsing the bed isn’t any more difficult, the mattress squeezes easily & folds into the bed. I wouldn’t say the firm is firm but it definitely isn’t as soft as some thinner mattress toppers I’ve seen.
We have purchased the double size memory foam mattress about three weeks ago now for our fold out couch. So far we have been very pleased with the purchased. It is a very good quality mattress and, although it arrived tightly packaged in a roll and I thought that it would never be the promised 4", within 10-20 minutes of opening it got its shape. We are definitely much happier with this mattress than with the Sears replacement mattress ( wholeHome®/MD Better Quality Sofa Bed Tight-Top Foam Replacement Mattresses for $199 plus shipping and taxes, which came to be almost $260).

I know that this is not the place to give a review on the Sears mattress, but to anyone who is looking at both (this one from Amazon and the Sears), I would recommend this one. We had two Sears mattresses within a month (one was the original purchase, the second one was the replacement of the original). The original was the wrong size (54" instead of 52" as advertized) and much thicker (close to 5" than 4", which makes a big difference in the fold out couch). So we had to return the original and get a replacement. The replacement was thinner (close to 4.3") although the same length, but what really kicked us off is that within a week we could feel the middle bar in the couch! Within a week! I was very disappointed with the mattress, so we got this one from Amazon, which also turned out to be cheaper. And so far (three weeks of sleeping on it every night) we are very happy with it.

One other thing about the Sears mattress that really made me upset, is that I tried to leave my review on Sears website, but after writing the review and submitting it, I got a response from Sears that my review doesn't meet their on-line guidelines!! To note that by no means I was disrespectful in my review, I just wrote the truth. I guess the Sears doesn't like to have the truth published....

So, this mattress is firm enough, but not too soft to feel the middle (upper) bar of the couch. It is also assumes the shape of your body and distributes the weight evenly. The only thing that I was not happy about with this mattress was the odor when I opened it. It is smelly for sure. But within a week of not closing the mattress and letting it air out, there is no smell.

Sorry for a long review. Hope somebody finds it useful.
This came way early and I absolutely love it! For the first time ever my boyfriend passed out as sooon as is head hit the pillow. He has spinal injuries and always has trouble sleeping. We sleep on a pullout couch most of the time, he runs hot and also it was a spring mattress (awful) so the cooling gel top and foam is 1000x better! 100% worth it and great price too, it fits a double/queen pullout (I think ours was a double not a queen but the matress fits just between the armrests without any issue.)
I unrolled it and there was no smell, it puffed up right away we got to use it right off the bat. Such a good buy!
I've never given a product a review before but felt i needed to give this mattress one, i own a condo that i rent out alot, had complaints about the hide a bed mattress so i needed to upgrade, after a bit of homework on here and other places this one seemed to be the best bang for the buck if all the data and reviews were believable, once i received, it did expand to the 4" like advertised, mine did not smell like some people had suggested and wow what a difference from the original spring mattress, this mattress is as advertised
This mattress is so comfortable.
It is a little larger than the original but by tucking in the section that goes up into the hide a bed back, it does fold in. It is a tight fit but you also are not touching the cold frame.
I am impressed with this mattress. It is very comfortable and is most definitely an upgrade from the coil sofa mattress we had before. The mattress did expand to 4.5 inches as stated. It has a soft comfy cover that can be removed for washing. I recommend this for anyone looking to change their sofa bed mattress.

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