9 Drawer Dresser Organizer Fabric Storage Chest for Bedroom, Hallway, Entryway, Closets, Nurseries. Furniture Storage Towe...

9 Drawer Dresser Organizer Fabric Storage Chest for Bedroom, Hallway, Entryway, Closets, Nurseries. Furniture Storage Towe...

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Bought two of these and was able to assemble them without any problems. Love the amount of drawers and the size. Large enough to hold what I need. Give it 4 stars because two of the drawers stoppers were out of alignment and I had to hammered it back in placed. Also, one of the rear bars broke. They are not strong at all. Bent with the smallest touch. I don’t really need it since both are backed up to a wall. I still love them. I went through 3 different ones to finally select this one and I am satisfied with my purchase.

Very very cheap!! Came poorly packaged which bent a lot of the metal pieces!
Easily paying for the price.. each piece came bent in a different direction. Most bends get pulled straight while assembling, except almost all of the drawer stoppers... which are an easy fix. Its not that this is a cheap product, just others are too expensive for their price.
 I just received this in the mail today and I received one of the pieces all bent
I ordered this because we needed a cabinet for storing winter cloths in basement. It came and some of the pieces were bent so had to repair. When I finally got it together it is okay for a cheap cabinet. Do not store anything heavy in it and do not expect it to last a long time it is made out of material and cardboard so with it in my basement i do not expect it to last for very long. Cheaply made and flimsy would not buy it again. Next time will spend a few more bucks on one made of wood it will last a lot longer.
I like the look (it looks just like the picture!), and I really liked how easy it was to assemble. It gives me much more space than my smaller dresser did before, so I’m happy with the purchase. One slightly annoying thing, though, was that a couple of the drawer grooves were bent when it arrived, but I was able to straighten them easily with a pair of pliers. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase!
For an Amazon product, this is a pretty decent item. Easy to assemble, it’s tall, and all the drawers are very nice. My only complaint would be that a few of the tabs on the bars were bent, a few meaning 3 or 4. But they were very easy to bend back. It’s no sturdy oak wood dresser, but it does the job and it’s very nice looking. It does come with an option to anchor it to the wall behind it, which I would recommend. Very pleased with this.
It was easy to assemble, took me about 30 minutes. Better than I expected.

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