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We have a small (and awkwardly laid out) living room. This couch arrived on time, was easy to assemble, and fits perfectly. It has a faint smell of plastic or something, but I expect that to fade away as it airs out. My first impression of the fabric was that it looks better in person than I remembered thinking it did in these reviews. The patterned pillows are nice as well. It's not super deep, like a couple other reviewers mentioned, but I am ok with that because it'd take up a lot more space if it was any deeper. I have three small boys, so it will likely take a beating. For now, the low price, fast shipping, easy assembly, sturdy frame, and nice look get this couch 5 stars. I will update this in a couple months to let you know how it holds up! For size reference, I included a photo of myself and my large 2 year old enjoying the loveseat (taken by my 4 year old). I'm thin, but 5' 9.5" tall and find the size comfortable.

3/12/16 Edit: In the past 4 months this little couch has endured lots of jumping on, snack crumbs, one peepee accident, one vomit incident, a coffee spill, a couple mystery smears, and general daily little boy dirtiness. IT STILL LOOKS GREAT. This is mostly thanks to the magic of windex (it works fantastic on carpets and the microfiber material this couch is made of). A little hack that I think you should consider - while you're here on amazon, buy a couple of waterproof bed pads or crib mattress liners and sneak them over the cushions before you put the covers on! This will save your couch. I have washed the covers in my washer and dried on low and they come out looking new. One of the pillows has a couple broken threads in the design, but other than that i am happy with how its holding up.

I did extensive research prior to making a purchase, I wish I had done more. I loved this couch when I first got it; it was shipped well, arrived quickly, and was easy to put together. Unfortunately, this item held up for less than six months. I've attached a photo showing how the couch has given out in the center and is now being supported by styrofoam blocks. I thought I could trust a brand name like serta, but all I want is a refund. I can't wait until I have enough money to buy a new couch, and get this one out of my sight.

I initially gave the couch 4 stars however have since removed 3 of them. The beam in the middle broke with two adults sitting on it. One adult weighed 165 and the other about the same. Complete waste of money and now I have to buy a new couch again. This couch is very flimsy and made with a very light wood so buyer beware!

The couch came in a rather small box so I was slightly dismayed however once unpacked it looked to contain a normal couch sized parts! Assembly was a breeze: no tools needed, took about 35 minutes and I put it together all by myself (yay!). The couch is very light, to note, not heavy at all as it seems to contain absolutely minimal metal parts (if any at all aside from the screws) and the wood is very light. Its a dark chocolate color, looks lighter in the pics online but is more of a Hershey kiss color (beautiful color either way). A word of advice: as stated in the instructions, FLUFF THE PILLOWS before inserting into the covers! I see complaints about flat cushions and had I not read the instructions I never would've fluffed mine so once unpacked and opened, fluff THEN stuff, once they are in the cover they expand, no fluffing after that. Lastly, it comes with two accent pillows, one side matches the fabric of the couch and the other is geometric shapes in shades of brown and gold. 4 stars, not 5, because the couch is so light I am wondering just how much wear and/or weight it can take however will leave the review as-is until that last star is earned :)
this thing is crazy, it comes in one large (and i don't mean couch large) box. its about 3 feet by 3 feet by 4 feet. when it arrived i thought, "how is this a couch" But when I opened it, it was like a clown car. There in fact was an entire couch in there.

The thing put together in about 15 minutes, no tools needed, the thing that takes the longest is stuffing the cushions.

is this a high quality top end couch? No

is there an awful smell? No, a slight smell yes, it isn't terrible and after a few hours out of its box it goes away

would this be awesome if you lived in a 3 floor apartment with no elevator? YES and YES again. take it out of its box and one person could move it and eat a slice of pizza at the same time.

Does it come with the trendy throw pillows? Yes

This is going into a large guest bedroom, it will see limited use to say the least, and it will work just fine there. I don't know that this couches survival rate would be with 3 kids under 6, but for my purposes it will be just fine

in the picture of the box, the box to the right is a toaster (for size perspective)
Price was right and we needed a new sofa for our small condo so ordered this one. Loved it for the few weeks but then the cushions, especially the back ones, started warping and it became very uncomfortable. We have now had it for 6 months and hate it. Both of us get lower back pain after sitting on it for about half an hour. We do not have dogs, kids or anything like that and only really use it to watch a bit of tv in the evening so it is certainly not abused or overused. It looks really dishevelled as well, again back cushions. We plan to replace it as soon as the pandemic restrictions lift.

The couch is fine, but I paid $200 for the delivery to take 2 weeks. That's pretty sad.
Hard small and uncomfortable but return service was great

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