Amazon Brand – Rivet Cove Mid-Century Modern Tufted Apartment Sofa, 72"W, Dark Grey

Amazon Brand – Rivet Cove Mid-Century Modern Tufted Apartment Sofa, 72"W, Dark Grey

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Delivered quickly and delivery team assembled the legs for me. Fabric is classic tweed, hardy and nice to sit on. It is deep so you can curl up on it and the back pillows are quite tall so it is really comfy. Feels like a really high quality piece of furniture!

Update one month later: the fabric is pilling really badly. Looks terrible.

May 2020 update: the sofa is still looking as new. I spend at least two hours a day working on the sofa while on quarantine. I am still very satisfied with this purchase
The day after: I am happy with my new small sofa, it seems fit for purpose. It’s stylish, comfortable, well made and reasonably priced. I spent several weeks analyzing all the options in the market and so far this sofa has met my expectations.
I will provide updates to let you know how it does with time.
I received voicemails and calls prior to arrival. The delivery people were professional, early, quick and delivered the sofa in a large cardboard box into the living room. I un-boxed the couch and read paper directions to locate the hidden wooden legs that are wedged inside the frame of the couch accessible via a zipper pocket on underside. Had to use a flashlight to locate the legs. The 5 legs screw on by hand. The bottom cushion is not removable, but the 2 (very thick!) back cushions are. The bolster pillows can be removed from the fabric placement loops on the back cushions. I don't really see the purpose of the bolster pillows since my sofa is against the wall, but i keep them on anyways. I found that the tweed fabric on the armrests can be a little rough/itchy to the under-arms specifically between the elbow and armpit region. The sofa is very comfortable to sit on.
Just received my Rivet Cove loveseat in Dark Grey and am super pleased with it!

After previously having ordered a Rivet Hawthorne settee, I was hesitant to order furniture from Amazon again: it took three attempts over the span of a month for the correct model and color to be successfully delivered. Fortunately, my experience with the Rivet Cove went much more smoothly.

The loveseat was delivered within just three days by XPO. While the cardboard box was shredded upon arrival, the loveseat was in fine shape.

After the fact, it was announced that I had received "enhanced delivery." How do I know this? XPO left multiple voicemails and sent multiple emails informing me of the fact, some as soon as moments after delivery, while I was still unboxing the loveseat. I don't know what "enhanced delivery" means or what it entails because, aside from the slew of emails and calls, everything else about the process seemed the same as my prior deliveries that weren't "enhanced."

One quirk to be aware of with XPO: the company generates a "user re-scheduled delivery date" alert right before the scheduled delivery time. This can be a little disconcerting when you haven't re-scheduled anything. Just ignore it.

Assembly of the loveseat couldn’t be easier: just screw the legs (stored in a zippered compartment under the cushion) into the pilot holes bottom of the frame and you are good to go: no allen wrenches or screwdrivers needed. The loveseat is lightweight and easy to move around, yet feels sturdy and is super comfortable, even for my tall and lanky body.

The Dark Grey color is somewhat lighter and more muted than the “Caviar” color in which I ordered the Hawthorne settee, but it is a subdued neutral grey that should fit well in many decors. The fabric itself feels relatively coarse (if less "tweedy" and thick than that of the Rivet Hawthorne), which leads me to be optimistic that it should hold up well. (Oddly, the cardboard box bore a label from the Chinese manufacturer describing the color as Caviar... which it clearly is not.)

If you are on the fence about color choice for this line of furniture, just order a fabric swatch from the link at the top of the listing. Swatches, which used to be free, now cost 50 cents.

Subjectively, I think that the "Caviar" color of the Rivet Hawthorne line looks and feels nicer than the Dark Grey of the Rivet Cove line, but YMMV. Unfortunately, the two don't really go particularly well together.

One great thing about this loveseat is that it has a tiny visual footprint, so it is ideal for small rooms. The body of the loveseat is quite a bit lower than the top of the back cushions, so it seems to take up less space than it does. (My Rivet Hawthorne settee has similar length and width dimensions, but with a higher back it creates the subjective impression of a much larger piece of furniture.)

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the Rivet Cove loveseat. It arrived quickly, looks great, and is comfortable.

What's not to like? The value quotient is debatable: $600 seems steep for a tiny piece of Made-in-China furniture.

That said, the Rivet Cove line is attractive and comfortable enough that I’m tempted to get the matching chair.

Update: Well, after a week or two, I did order the chair, as well. This smaller box was delivered by AMZL -- Amazon Logistics -- but scheduled shipping (where the carrier shows up in a specific 3 hour window) was not offered, so I wound up waiting around half a day for the chair. When I asked the deliverymen to let me check to make sure it was the right color/model before they left, they said "no way!" and virtually ran out the door. Fortunately, everything was ok with the chair, despite some tears in the outer box. Pro tip: never, ever sign anything that a delivery service hands you to sign before you've had a chance to inspect the piece of furniture and make sure it is actually what you ordered. Having had 4 pieces of furniture delivered lately, I have noticed that more often than not delivery folks want you to sign -- attesting that everything is ok and you accept receipt -- without even letting you glimpse the box, let alone look in it. As soon as you sign, any problem becomes YOUR problem; you have given up any leverage you have, and the deliverymen will beat a hasty retreat no matter how screwed up the order is. Stick to your guns and sign only when you are confident the furniture is ok.
I've had this couch for two months now and I had to come back and write a review. I get SO many compliments and people are shocked when I tell them it's from Amazon. I'd been dreaming of a carmel-colored leather couch but the prices everywhere else were more than I wanted to spend, so when I found this I thought surely there had to be a catch! Two months later it's my favorite thing in the house and my favorite place to curl up with a book and hot coffee. Thanks for making an affordable, amazing product Amazon!
This sofa looks great and the scheduled delivery was on time. In my opinion, t's a bit overpriced for the product quality but overall a good sofa. The fabric does slightly pill on the edges of the cushions and if you're hard on furniture it might not be the product for you. We have had it for 2 months and it's looking pretty worn in some places.
It's been about a month, but we are extremely happy with the purchase! The couch looks and feels great. We ordered two for our living room and it completely transformed the space. The downside is they aren't big enough for taking a nap. I'm 5'10 so it's a tight squeeze for me. Hopefully these hold up moving forward. Delivery was amazing and super easy to schedule. I was certainly unsure about ordering couches online I've never seen or sat on in person prior to ordering.
These chairs are fantastic! We needed something super affordable for an office overhaul but still wanted the pieces to feel high end and substantial. These chairs ticked all of the boxes for this project! Highly recommend. They assembled easily (screw in legs) and in minutes. The clients loves them and everyone who's visited their office is raving.

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